Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 2

If you have a cream pug pup, it is recommended that you crate train it so that it will be happy even if it is left alone in its crate without its owner. Try staying in different rooms with your pup so that he gets used to being alone from an early age.

Brushing your cream pug

Brush your cream pug daily. Even though cream pugs have short hair, they still need to be brushed regularly. Cream pugs are notorious for shedding, so you’ll want to brush them every day so that dog hair doesn’t fall out on the floor or furniture. Get a good brush and make brushing a daily task that must be done so that your dog’s hair loss can be controlled.

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Purchase a sticky roller, a high-quality vacuum cleaner, leather or faux leather furniture, hardwood or linoleum floors, light or dark colored clothing (depending on your cream pug’s coat color), a water filter screen that is the right size for the drain of your bathtub, and a high-quality pet hair brush.

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Keep the hidden areas of your dog’s body clean and clear. Did you know that the folds and hidden areas of a baby’s skin need to be cleaned with soft towels and cotton swabs? Now, you need to know about the folds and hidden areas of your cream pug’s body as well. The wrinkles on your cream pug’s face especially need to be cleaned regularly.

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Building a Cream pug’s Coat

The most basic requirement for trimming a cream pug’s hair is that you should not use ordinary scissors to trim your dog’s hair. Parents should always choose a pair of professional dog trimming scissors.

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When trimming, parents should first stabilize the dog’s agitation, wait until it is quiet and stable before starting to trim. Avoid the dog to be stabbed by the scissors because of the fidgeting during the construction process.

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Trimming the Cream pug’s hair requires attention, and a comb should be used to trim the hair as you comb it. Just like human hair trimming, this will avoid the trimming scissors from stabbing the cream pug, and can ensure a smooth, safe trimming of the dog’s entire coat.

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Trimming the hair on the cream pug’s body can be done according to the dog’s body shape, and just trim the body’s hair flat and whole. After trimming, use a comb to comb through the coat to remove any hidden hairs.

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Dealing with Respiratory Problems

Note that cream pugs are more susceptible to respiratory problems. Cream pugs have a shorter windpipe than most other breeds, so they are susceptible to respiratory problems. Cream pugs have narrow nostrils and a long, soft upper jaw that takes up a lot of space behind the throat. In fact, the reason cream pugs snore and make loud noises when they breathe has to do with the soft tissue at the back of their throats. Whenever a cream pug breathes, the soft tissue vibrates.

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If you think your cream pug’s snoring is noisy, then wear earplugs to block out the noise while you sleep, or crate train your dog to sleep in a crate

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Learn to recognize the signs of respiratory distress. With just a little bit of fatigue, most cream pugs will start panting heavily to fulfill their body’s need for oxygen. Be aware that if you insist on exercising your cream pug when he shows shortness of breath, he may pass out. Most of the time, a cream pug’s heavy breathing isn’t a cause for concern, but you’ll want to learn to recognize the signs of respiratory distress disorder in order to deal with possible health problems. These signs include:

  1. Panicked facial expressions accompanied by noisy breathing sounds
  2. Bluish gums or tongue
  3. Thick, sticky saliva
  4. Unwillingness to move
  5. Exaggerated heaving of the chest and belly
  6. Fidgeting, as if no matter how uncomfortable
  7. Fainting

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Don’t let your cream pug stay in hot places. Dogs can’t sweat, so they want to dissipate heat. Cream pugs suffer twice as much when it’s hot because they can’t breathe freely when they need to breathe well the most, causing their bodies to have a greater need to cool down. But because their breathing is impeded and their body temperature is not lowered, the dog is susceptible to heat stroke. They should only stay in the shade or cool indoors.

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Keep your cream pug at a healthy weight. Breathing problems in cream pugs are related to their breed, and in light of this, it is important that you keep your cream pug at a slimmer weight. Being overweight increases the body’s need for oxygen, and the extra fat squeezes the lungs, airways, and throat, exacerbating breathing difficulties. If you feel that your cream pug is overweight, consult your veterinarian and ask him to suggest a healthy weight reduction feeding program.

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Consider the Special Needs of Cream pugs

Provide cream pugs with special steps to make it easier for them to climb up and down. You can purchase pet steps or think of something similar to make it easier for your cream pug to climb onto your bed or furniture. Pet steps can save you a lot of money on vet visits, as jumping up and down a lot can injure your cream pug’s joints or hips.

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Cream pugs are born brave and fearless. You must keep your dog on a secure leash when animals such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, cows, horses, wolves, or black bears are in the vicinity. Cream pugs don’t care about the size difference between themselves and these animals, and they will fight to protect you.

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Buy lots of sound toys and teething toys. Keep the toys fresh by changing them from time to time or your dog will lose interest quickly. You also have to watch out for your dog chewing on the toys and swallowing any bits that fall out.

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Respond warmly to your dog when he approaches you. No matter what, let your cream pug lick you to his heart’s content whenever he feels like it. Dogs. There really aren’t many ways to express their love for humans, and licking is one of them. You can never imagine how much your cream pug loves you.

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Speak softly to your cream pug often. It will return the favor by being twice as nice. Cream pugs are very funny and will make you laugh when you are down. In fact, the best way to live with your cream pug is to love it with all your heart. When a dog shows you love, respond to it with love. Cream pugs love it when people scratch them behind the ears and on the belly. Cream pugs are wonderful dogs and they will never fail to show you love.

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