Cream Pug: How to Live with a Pug Part 1


Cream pugs are a popular breed of dog, with a child-like face that is round and flat, and big coffee-colored eyes, it’s no wonder that many people can’t help but want to cuddle them as soon as they see them. Cream pugs have some health problems of their own, such as being prone to illness, especially respiratory problems.

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Cream pugs are more of a one-dimensional character, not easily tamed, and have a lot of energy. It is necessary for you to know these characteristics of cream pugs ahead of time so that you can better take on the responsibility of caring for them.

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Feeding your Cream pug

Feeding a cream pug dog, the right kind of food. Give your cream pug a high-quality food. Double-check the package directions when buying dog food, and choose a food that shows the exact name of the meat at the top of the ingredient list. Don’t buy dog food that is high in grains or soy because not only does this indicate a low-quality dog food, but grains and soy can ferment and make your dog’s bloating worse.

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Limit snacks and dog food. Gluttonous cream pugs will look at you with big, innocent eyes and make you think they haven’t had enough. Cream pugs can easily become overweight if they eat too much. You have to pay close attention to slight changes in your dog’s weight, learn to score your dog’s physical condition, cut down on rations if necessary, and help your dog lose weight in time to avoid more serious health problems caused by obesity.

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Cream pugs love to eat anything, so try to give it fresh vegetables as a reward during training. Using vegetables as rewards not only maintains motivation for training, but also helps your dog’s health.

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Keep your cream pug’s food in a dog-proof container so that it can’t eat it. Otherwise, it will find a way to get the container open and sweep up the food.

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Because cream pugs are prone to respiratory problems, you must make sure that your dog maintains a slim body type. The heavier the weight, the higher the body’s need for oxygen, and the more pressure is put on the lungs, trachea and larynx, so the more difficult it will be for the dog to breathe!

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Did you know that many cream pugs suffer from flatulence? Because cream pugs have a defective respiratory system, they are more prone to bloat than other types of dogs. When breathing is poor, the air that cream pugs inhale goes into their stomachs and intestines, then through their digestive tracts, and finally out in the form of farts.

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The gas that cream pugs expel when they have flatulence is very unpleasant, so it’s necessary for you to have some air fresheners or room sprays lying around the house.

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Train Your Cream pug

You will encounter some challenges in training a cream pug dog. Cream pugs are somewhat difficult to train because they are strong-willed and don’t just goof off and do whatever they are told. They even claim to be smart because once they know what they want they will go forward, regardless of your opinion. This doesn’t mean you should give up on training, but you must be absolutely patient and be prepared for a long training battle with them.

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Familiarize yourself with training techniques recommended by experts, such as reward training. Let your dog know that there will be a reward for good behavior before you start training, and then encourage your dog to train seriously. This method will give you the best results.

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Set rules and enforce them firmly. If you don’t allow your cream pug to jump on the furniture, then all members of the household must follow this rule under all circumstances, even on Sundays. When commands are inconsistent, cream pugs will choose their favorite command, making training more difficult.

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You need to be extra patient when potty training your cream pug. Anyone who owns a dog knows that cream pugs are much harder to deal with than other breeds when it comes to potty training. Crate training and the use of positive reinforcement may shorten the potty-training time.

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Basic Methods of Caring for a Cream pug

Give your dog regular, low-intensity exercise. Because cream pugs are prone to respiratory problems, if you plan to take them out for long walks, it’s important that the walks are at a steady pace so that they don’t become short of breath. Cream pugs are not suited for long periods of intense activity, such as constantly chasing after other dogs, because they will play until they are so high that they have absolutely no time to rest or catch their breath.

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That said, you can still play throw and fetch with your cream pug, but you have to be careful. As soon as you notice that your dog is losing energy and breathing, stop and let him rest.

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Cream pugs are outgoing and love to go outdoors to play. Being outdoors satisfies their curiosity.

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Licensed veterinarian Pippa Elliott advises, “Cream pugs have a particularly hard time in hot weather. This is because their adorably flat faces mean that this dog must breathe by panting. Hot weather can make it harder to pant to dissipate heat, making cream pugs more susceptible to heat stroke.”

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Play with your cream pug. You can weave in and out of furniture, running from this corner to that, and letting your cream pug chase you all over the house. Stop suddenly on the way to escape, switch roles with the cream pug and start running after it. This game is old-school, but full of fun and will keep your pooch entertained.

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Always arrange for your dog to play with other dogs. If they always stay with their owners, cream pugs will forget that there are other creatures in the world – dogs need to be socialized too.

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Spend more time playing with your cream pug. Cream pugs were first bred to be companions, which means they like to be around their owners at all times. They are sometimes as clingy as chewing gum and follow you like a shadow at all times, so you better be prepared.

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