Red Pug: The Pain Behind the Ugly and Cute

There is a kind of dog that looks ugly at the first glance, but it always makes the pooper scooper can’t escape the law of true scent: this dog is also too cute! It is the red pug dog that ugly and cute appearance makes many people cannot help but want to hold home.

Red pug’s ugly and cute look

Red pugs are born with a face full of folds, flat nose, big round eyes. Any pooper scooper will feel sorry for them when they look at them. Don’t look at them as a naturally melancholy look, the red pug is actually a very cheerful short-haired dog, but also very simple and honest.

red pug

Their naive and ugly appearance is not only a source of joy for pooper scoopers, but has also captured the hearts of many netizens. However, behind their ugliness, there seems to be a series of painful costs. According to a recent British study, modern red pugs may not be recognized as a breed due to their short lifespan and susceptibility to disease.

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Red Pug Health

A study from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons reported that red pugs are more prone to respiratory, eye, and skin diseases than other breeds, and that this serious health condition could potentially lead to them no longer being considered a normal breed.

red pug

Here’s how the researchers explain it in their study, “The wide variation in health between red pugs and other dogs in the UK suggests that the differences between red pugs and mainstream breeds have become so great that the red pug breed is no longer regarded as a typical breed.”

red pug

Not only do red pugs have more susceptible diseases than other breeds, they also have a relatively short lifespan, and it was their unusually short lifespans that initially drew the attention of researchers to study them in more depth.

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Veterinarians from the Royal Veterinary College assessed 30,563 dogs from 18 breeds to see how the dogs’ life expectancy varied. It was found that while the average life expectancy of dogs was 11.2 years, it varied greatly between different breeds.

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The culprit for this short life expectancy and high number of diseases is none other than their ugly features, their flat heads and flat faces. This facial structure exposes them to a range of health risks. Experts point out that this feature did not evolve naturally, but is the result of selective artificial breeding by humans.

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Artificially bred red pugs

Red pugs first originated in Tibet, China, also known as red pugs, and were introduced to Europe from the Netherlands in the 17th century. The English called them “Dutch dogs”. Red pugs didn’t look like this. They had longer limbs, were more like today’s medium-sized dogs, and had prominent noses and mouths.

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However, the breeds we currently see were later artificially bred in England, and it could be argued that people deliberately bred red pugs with flat heads and flat mouths. Dr. Dan O’Neill, who was involved in the study, said, “Red pugs have become very popular in the UK in recent decades, and the breed’s flat face, which is considered by many to be very “cute,” makes it more susceptible to serious health problems. ”

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Disease Risks of Red Pugs

What people see as cute can be deadly for red pugs. In this study, researchers compared the risk of 40 common diseases in red pugs with that of other dog breeds.

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They analyzed a database of 16,218 red pugs and an additional 889,326 records from non-red pug breeds and found that red pugs had a higher risk of developing all 23 of the 40 common diseases than other dogs.

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They were 54 times more likely than other breeds to develop short head obstructive airway syndrome (a disease affecting the upper airway), 51 times more likely to have narrowed nostrils, 13 times more likely to have corneal ulcers, and 11 times more likely to have skin fold dermatitis.

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In addition, they found that red pugs were 2.5 times more likely to have obesity and 2 times more likely to have excessively long nails. Modern red pugs suffer more than their ancestors, and their cuteness comes at the cost of their health and even their lives…

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Underneath the story, netizens have spoken out to resist the use of red pugs for advertising purposes, such as being used in advertising videos, posters, printed on greeting cards, etc., as it may inadvertently glorify or normalize the red pug’s misshapen facial structure.

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“Imagine people choosing specific genes to make their children born with emphysema, all because they want them to look cuter. How about that?”

“Humans did it, and it has nothing to do with natural evolution.”

“It’s another “good thing” that human did it.”

“Animal cruelty, simple as that.”

“It’s a very bad idea to buy a dog just because they’re popular, or because you see some 18th tier celebrity with one so you want to buy one back. Don’t take them home unless you’re really determined to want them.”

“People who insist on buying these insanely bred breeds knowing they are unfortunate are the ones behind fueling such a cruel industry.”

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Genetic defects in other dogs

In fact, in addition to red pugs, there are many other genetically defective animals forced into the world, such as the teacup dog, which we previously reported on. Teacup dogs are known as “teacup dogs” because of their small and cute appearance, just the size of a cup.

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When held in people’s hands, they are as cute and cuddly as a simulated doll. But in fact, their birth is a mistake, because they are a kind of deformed dog, their super miniature size is caused by genetic mutation. And such teacup dogs have all sorts of health risks from birth, and this will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

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In fact, this has very serious consequences for their health, as they often suffer from epilepsy, neurological disorders, and premature deaths related to the genetic defect. But these poor animals, which are bred in large numbers because they are loved and sought after by people who know that their fate is a disaster from birth, are only interested in making a profit and not in whether they live or die.

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No matter what kind of pet you decide to get, please do your homework before taking them home and don’t be impulsive. After all, for animals with congenital genetic defects, people’s monstrous love will plunge them into a lifetime of pain.

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