Micro pug: Daily Care Tips


Micro pugs are a small dog that very many people like to keep, today we will talk about how to take daily care of micro pugs.

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If you ask which one of the dogs and cats is cleaner, it is naturally the cat without a doubt, and there are types of dogs that love cleanliness, such as the Micro pug is an example. Micro pugs themselves have a clean-loving personality. However, their active personality requires more exercise, so if they are outdoors, they will get dirty easily.

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Therefore, if for the cleanliness of your home, in order to change the hair of the dog will not be dog hair all over the sky, the most convenient way is to take the time to comb the hair for the dog every day, so the dog will be very comfortable, not only can enhance the feelings between the owner and the dog, but also for the dog combed to remove the dead hair to avoid not letting too much of the dog’s hair fall on the floor of the house, but also to promote blood circulation of the skin for the dog to bring a healthier coat, a more lustrous coat color.

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How to feed a micro pug?

The frequency of feeding varies for Micro pugs of different ages, generally 2- to 3-month-old puppies are fed 4 to 5 times a day, 4 to 8 months old puppies are fed 3 times a day, and two main meals a day is sufficient for 8 months or more, and some adult dogs are fine on a full stomach. If you are not sure which human food can be given, then try not to give human food, just feed dog food directly, puppy or adult or senior dog, there are dog food for the corresponding age group.

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When is the right time for a micro pug to exercise?

Although the micro pug likes to exercise, but its physical predisposition is not very permissible at all, the Micro pug is flat-faced and flat-nosed, the nasal passages are naturally very short, strenuous exercise will cause shortness of breath and lack of oxygen, mid-afternoon exercise, it may be too hot for it, so it is best to take a walk in the early morning or dusk or after the exercise.

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How often should I bathe my micro pug?

Although it is a short-haired dog, the Micro pug will change its hair seasonally, if you don’t notice it, it may just be because its hair is very short. In addition, the micro pug’s fur has more folds, so it is easy to hide bacteria and skin diseases such as mange, so it should pay special attention to daily cleanliness and hygiene. Summer should be more baths, conditions allow, it is recommended that 2 times a week; fall dry, can be 10 days to wash 1 time, after washing should be immediately brushed and blow-dry.

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How to take care of micro pug’s “big eyes”?

Micro pug eyes are big and round, this is one of its characteristics, many people like it, feel very cute. But the micro pug eyes are big and prominent, and unlike other kinds of dogs have big and prominent nose protection, so the micro pug’s eyes are very easy to be injured, which also means that the dust is easy to get into, so it is recommended that the eyes should be washed regularly with 2% boric acid water to prevent bacterial infections. (If the dog does not cooperate, you can use your dog’s favorite snacks as a supplementary reward).

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However, the frequency of eye wash is different in different seasons, 1 time per day in spring and summer, 1 time every other day in fall and winter, this frequency is for reference, and should also be adjusted with the dog’s activity habits.

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Dental care

Like many other large dogs, the micro pug has 42 teeth, but the flat face of the micro pug makes these teeth crowded in the dental bed much smaller than those of large dogs, so the ensuing dental problems will increase, such as more prone to tartar, gum disease, etc., and if you don’t pay attention to the dental health of the dog from childhood, it will easily cause the dog to suffer from these diseases and ultimately lead to tooth loss.

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To try to avoid using too sticky teeth or soft food feeding dogs, so as not to leave too much residue between the teeth in the dog’s mouth to breed bacteria. It is best to use dry dog food with water.

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Tooth-cleaning food

Feeding your dog cookies or chews every day will help clean his teeth. Bones, especially joints and tendons are good.

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Brushing your dog’s teeth once a week is good for dental health.

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Use a toothbrush

I have heard that you can buy finger toothbrushes for babies (I have never bought one), or professional pet toothbrushes, and use dog-specific toothpaste (dogs do not like the smell of human toothpaste, and some of the ingredients in human toothpaste are harmful to the dog’s body).

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Use a cloth

Wrap a small piece of rougher cloth around your finger in lieu of a toothbrush and clean it with soda water.

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Cutting toenails

Similar to human nails, a dog’s toenails are attached to the flesh and are rich in capillaries and nerves.

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Since micro pugs have black toenails, you must be careful not to cut too deep to avoid hurting the flesh of the toes, which is very painful! It will make micro pugs fearful of cutting their toenails, and your Micro pug will definitely fight back the next time.

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If you accidentally cut into the flesh, you can disinfect it with alcohol and then think of some of your Micro pug’s favorite snacks to give him/her to make up for it – it hurts, but at least he/she has something good to eat.

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I would recommend that you wait until your dog has settled down and gotten used to his/her new surroundings, i.e. 1 or 2 weeks, before giving him/her a bath. Puppies under two months are advised not to use water to wash first, at this time due to poor resistance to colds, serious cases will develop into pneumonia, you can go to the market to buy a reliable brand of dry-cleaning powder for dry-cleaning, I have read some books also introduced the use of baby talcum powder and diluted more than 1,000 times of the conditioner sprayed on the body of the dog and then use a comb combing wash.

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Bathing is best to use warm water, due to the different pH of the dog and human skin, the best choice of shower gel for pets, and the wash time should not be too long (easy to catch cold). Wash should pay attention to not let the water and bath into the dog’s ears and eyes, after washing and wait for the hair to dry completely before taking the dog out. After washing, it is best to give the Micro pug’s big eyes some eye drops to prevent dirty water splashing into the eyes caused by inflammation.

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Bathing should not be too frequent, otherwise the dog’s skin will be overstimulated causing hair loss or dry skin. Summer can be appropriate to wash more, less in winter. At most, wash no more than once a week.

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