Black and Brown Pug: Reasons Why Few People Keep Them and Hair Loss

Pugs are known for their good temperament, whether it is to the elderly, or small children are very good, tolerance is very high, and do not hold grudges, has always been loved by the people, but why is it that the black and brown pugs are less people to raise?

Reasons why black and brown pugs are rarely kept

Feeling unattractive

Black and brown pug is the representative of the ugly, many people feel that the pug face wrinkles so much ugly, feel not good, black, then even more needless to say, would have felt it is not good-looking, but also the black is not good, then feel even more unattractive, choose other breeds of dogs to raise it.

black and brown pug

Feeling difficult to live

We all know that black things are more heat-absorbing, so to speak, black and brown pug in the summer is more prone to heatstroke, pug itself is very afraid of heat dogs, and the nasal cavity is a relatively short dog, a little bit of what the big action may not breathe on the asphyxiation, so people will feel that this is not to choose to raise pug. In fact, as long as the care of the good pugs can be very good Oh !

black and brown pug


A netizen’s home from the past has raised a lot of dogs, what color fur of the dog have raised, are raised okay, only the black and brown pug to raise less than how much there will be a variety of accidents to let them lose their lives. It is said that the netizen raised did not raise much on the death of the black and brown pug added up to more than five, and other colors of the dog are alive and well, so you think there is such a superstition?

black and brown pug

Serious hair loss

Don’t look at the pug is a short-haired dog, in fact, it will also lose hair, there are a lot of pet owners are very annoyed with their own dog hair loss, generally will be biased in favor of dogs that do not lose hair, it is recommended to raise pug pet owners must pay attention to the dog’s diet light and salt absorption, especially do not feed some of the dog food containing high salt oil, will aggravate the dog’s hair loss situation as well as the tear stains. It is recommended to prioritize the selection of low-salt ingredients, nutritionally balanced natural food, effectively reducing hair loss and tear stains! In addition to dog food can also feed some fruits and vegetables!

black and brown pug

Easily Stolen

Black and brown pugs are well-proportioned, but also a little clumsy, take out will always be striking, it is easy to be thieves stared at, there is a saying: not afraid of thieves to steal for fear of thieves, so have a black and brown pug but also worry about being stolen by thieves. So the people who keep Pugs will be greatly reduced. In fact, as long as the daily strong training, enhance their own awareness, go out with a good leash, the dog will not be so lost or stolen, the training can be combined with some small snacks chicken jerky, have to eat the efficiency will be higher.

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What are the causes of hair loss in Pugs?

There are many reasons that cause pugs to lose hair, such as dog owners combing the pugs more frequently, bathing the pugs more diligently, dog owners keeping the pugs in captivity in a place where they can’t touch the sunlight, and using human body wash or shampoo for the pugs when they are bathing.

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All of the above factors can lead to hair loss of Pugs, so the pooper scooper should try to avoid this kind of situation in daily life, so as to effectively avoid the phenomenon of hair loss of Pugs.

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Pugs will also lose hair during the change of seasons, but this is within the normal range, usually in the spring and fall. During this season, dog owners should help it comb its hair, increase the frequency of bathing appropriately, and clean up the floating hair on the dog’s body. In addition, endocrine disorders can also lead to pug hair loss, this time the dog owner can adjust the diet appropriately, if the dog food is the main, then you have to add additional nutrients to the supplement, do not feed the dog high fat content, high salt food, appropriate to give it some multivitamins to supplement the micronutrients.

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Methods of preventing hair loss in pugs

The best way to effectively prevent the number of pet hair loss is to constantly comb their hair, combing for the dog to choose the comb suitable for the characteristics of the dog’s hair, so the shoveler needs to choose the comb suitable for the pug’s hair, if you don’t know how to choose the right comb, you can appropriately ask the owner of the pet store, tell your needs, let the owner of the pet store recommend the right comb to you.

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Shoveler can appropriately increase the frequency of combing according to the situation of hair loss of your own dog. In general, long-haired dogs and cats need to be combed once a day, and it is recommended to comb them once a week if they have short hair.

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The dog owner should also take the dog out to sunbathe appropriately when he has time, and the natural environment such as sunlight and temperature can effectively promote the growth of pug hair.

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Pay attention to prevent skin disease

If the dog, in addition to hair loss, also found that there are obvious bumps on the skin, red spots, blisters, dandruff and other symptoms, then the dog may have eczema or dermatophytosis and other skin diseases, which is usually caused by parasites or fungal and bacterial infections. Hair loss caused by skin disease is usually localized lumpy hair loss, which is relatively easy to distinguish, and the Pug is easy to observe as a short-haired dog.

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Found that the dog appeared skin symptoms caused by hair loss must be timely to the dog treatment, it is recommended to use skin Noon skin spray anti-inflammatory antibacterial, to avoid the spread of lesions, causing more serious hair loss and dermatitis conditions, some dermatophytosis and other hair loss caused by improper treatment, the follow-up is very likely to not be easy to grow hair, resulting in localized permanent baldness Oh!

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