Red pug: How to Feed a Red pug

Red pug belongs to small dogs, a pair of big eyes on the head, clear and transparent, loved and appreciated by dog lovers, cheerful but not unsteady, affectionate and delicate, rounded and sturdy body, many people like it, I’ve compiled some information about the red pug for this purpose, come and take a look at red pug do’s and don’ts and related information.

Precautions for feeding red pugs

Don’t let red pugs eat meat and oily big food before three months, and take red pugs to vaccination after one month. Red pugs must be wiped and then blown after giving him a bath, otherwise they are prone to skin diseases. Don’t give it a bath often, two times a month will do.

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In the spring and fall, reduce the number of times your red pug goes outside, there are many infectious diseases, but it is very important to walk your dog on a regular basis. Overall, the red pug is not a very delicate dog, eat dog food, vaccine on time, deworming, bathing with special shower gel and not too hard on the OK.

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Red pugs should be provided with sufficient protein, fat, sugar, minerals and vitamins during their developmental stages. Cooked eggs are the best source of protein for red pugs, and it is best to buy special milk, otherwise the milk consumed by ordinary people can easily cause diarrhea and vomiting in puppies.

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Before and after meals should not let the dog do strenuous exercise, otherwise it will affect digestion.

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Salt in food should be controlled, never too salty (about 1.4%), otherwise it will cause easy hair loss and increase the burden on the organs. Because the dog is extremely sensitive to sodium, 3.7 grams of salt per kilogram of body weight given to death!

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Human ingredients, as well as onions, chili peppers and other spicy and stimulating foods are not suitable to feed, chocolate is not to let the dog accidentally eat, because the dog cannot excrete cocoa alkaloid and caffeine will be toxic phenomenon: such as rapid heartbeat, extreme excitement, spasms, elevated body temperature, and so on, and when it is serious, it will affect the central nervous system leading to heart failure and death.

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How to raise red pugs


Meat (beef, chicken, fish) must be fresh, fish to pick off the thorns, the number of dogs can be based on the size of the weight of the dog to 180 to 220 grams for the right amount, not to feed too much, otherwise it will be fat, lose the lovely image. In addition to meat, but also to feed some vegetables and cooked beans or no sugar or less sugar cookies and other vegetarian food.

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Meat should be boiled with a little water for 15-20 minutes and then chopped before feeding. Meat should be cooked to add flavor and stimulate the appetite, and to kill bacteria and parasites in the meat to prevent illness.

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The Red pug is a gluttonous dog, so it is important to keep track of the amount of food offered. Feed at regular intervals to develop good eating habits.

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The Red pug is active and playful, and must be given a certain amount of time to move around every day to achieve a certain amount of exercise. However, the respiratory tract of this dog is particularly short, and strenuous exercise will cause hypoxia due to shortness of breath.

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Therefore, it is not advisable to carry out too strenuous exercise, and it is best to take it out for a walk in the morning and evening. When you go out, put a collar on it to restrict it from running around or doing strenuous exercise.

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Red pugs have more wrinkles on their head and neck, which can easily harbor dirt and bacteria, so you should pay special attention to cleanliness and hygiene when raising this kind of dog. Usually wash every other month, summer heat, wash every 2-3 days.

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Special attention should be paid to washing the creases and crevices to prevent skin diseases or scabies. After each bath, brush it with a soft brush and dry its fur with a blow dryer.

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Stages of Red pug Feeding

Newborn Period

A newborn red pug can’t eat any other food and mainly nurses to get the nutrients it needs to grow. Within this stage, parents do not need to prepare other foods for the red pug puppies, but must ensure that the mother dog has a healthy diet, and that the needs of the red pug puppies are met at the same time as the mother dog.

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Of course, when taking care of the red pug puppies, it is important to keep them warm from the cold as well as to take care of them on a daily raw basis. For example, it is very important to take the red pug puppy to vaccination, deworming and so on in time.

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The principle of the diet of the red pug puppy should be to eat less and more meals, because the gastrointestinal function of the puppy is more fragile, so it is more important to pay attention to the diet.

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It is important to prepare some easily digested and absorbed food with comprehensive and rich nutrition by eating fewer and more frequent meals. Of course, those spicy and stimulating, hard and indigestible food should be eliminated and not given to the red pug puppy to eat.

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Adult red pugs are healthy and strong, but they still need to be fed at regular intervals. Adult red pugs can be fed 1-2 times a day, and the amount of food fed each time ensures that the dog can eat up to 8 points of fullness, which can satisfy its energy consumption and physical growth needs for the day.

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In addition to timely feeding every day, you should also reasonably guide the red pug to do some exercise. For example, walking, walking, of course, leisure time can also guide the red pug to do some running, jumping sports.

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Old age

After the Red pug enters the old age, the body will begin to slowly decline, gradually showing the old state. The dog’s reaction will slowly slow down, walking will become slower or lose balance. The dog’s body will lose nutrients, accelerating the speed of aging.

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When taking care of the elderly red pug, the diet should be small and frequent meals, and prepare more calcium nutrient and protein-rich food. In addition, it is necessary to reasonably guide the dog to do some exercise, walking walks can be, however, those strenuous running and jumping desire to try to eliminate.

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