Silver Fawn Pug: Daily Breeding of Pugs Part 1


Because the Silver Fawn Silver fawn pug has a particularly individual face and body, it is recommended that your silver fawn pug’s eyes, nose, and facial skin should be examined and cared for on a daily basis, in addition to brushing your silver fawn pug every day when you have time.

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Starting a daily routine checkup for your silver fawn pug as early as possible is beneficial and harmless. Not only can it help to detect and treat diseases early, but it also serves as an early basic training for your silver fawn pug, so that he/she can develop a good habit of being examined every day.

silver fawn pug

The daily routine should not last too long, not more than 10 minutes. This is because most dogs, especially puppies, get impatient with being fiddled with for too long without being able to ‘fight back’, and over time will become resistant to the check. What we do is to let them realize that routine inspection is actually a very good thing, smooth inspection should be given a certain reward, if they are very good, but also in the words of praise or with them to finish a little bit of their usual favorite games.

silver fawn pug

Care of the Silver Fawn pug

Silver fawn pugs do not tolerate heat. Silver fawn pugs are sensitive to high temperatures and should be kept out of the heat, especially in the mid-afternoon of summer, and kept in the shade with plenty of water. Leaving a Silver fawn pug in a stuffy car for even half an hour or allowing them to do strenuous outdoor exercise in hot weather can be fatal to a silver fawn pug.

silver fawn pug

The flat nose of silver fawn pugs makes them prone to breathing difficulties. Therefore, care should be taken to control the amount of exercise, and when playing sports with them, you should stop exercising and playing as soon as you notice that your silver fawn pug is short of breath or has any symptoms of breathing difficulties. Silver fawn pugs are very playful, especially puppies, and even if they don’t feel well or are not feeling well, if you play with them, they will happily keep going until they run out of energy.

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Always remember to have plenty of drinking water when you go out. If your Silver fawn pug is suffering from heatstroke, wrap it in a wet towel and apply fresh water. If it is difficult to breathe, you can try spraying some lemon juice on its nose, which can reduce the secretion of mucus in the silver fawn pug’s nose and make it breathe more smoothly, and if that doesn’t work, you should send it to the doctor as soon as possible.

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Silver fawn pugs within 18 months can still be considered as puppies. For puppies, not only should they avoid excessive exercise, but they should also avoid vertical exercise or training such as jumping from heights and climbing high stairs because their bones are not fully developed at this time, and this kind of exercise can easily cause their cartilage to be injured.

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Daily Care for Silver fawn pug

Skin disease or scabies. After each bath, brush the fur with a soft-bristled brush and dry the fur with a hair dryer. On days with low air pressure and high air humidity in spring and fall, its wrinkled skin is prone to inflammation and mold growth, so move it to a ventilated and dry environment. In the hot summer when it sweats a lot, but also every afternoon with a wet towel for it to wipe the body, especially to wipe away the dirt in the folds.

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Silver fawn pugs due to short and flat nose, easy to absorb moisture and wet, thus breeding bacteria caused by inflammation and ulceration, in the air humid climate when hot, it should be in the nose Bu coated with some dry boric acid powder, to keep its nose often dry, do not allow bacteria to have conditions for breeding. Due to the short nasal passage, in the hot summer when the temperature is high, it will appear difficult to breathe, and even prone to heatstroke, so we must pay attention to the following points:

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  1. When it is hot in summer, don’t take it out at noon, and don’t let it do strenuous exercise. Walks must be arranged in the morning and evening.
  2. Move it to an airier and cooler place to feed, do not let it to the hot sun.
  3. In the high temperature of noon and afternoon, if there is a cooling device, it will be in the environment, appropriate cooling. In the process of feeding, but also pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the eyes. Because of this dog, the eyes are large and round, dust is easy to enter, so every once in a while, to dilute boric acid water it to wash the eyes, generally need to wash the eyes 2 times a week. Because of the eye above the folds easy to the eye inverted, in this case, be careful to inverted eyelashes pulled out.

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Silver fawn pug is good and quiet, delicate feelings, small body, big watery eyes, widely loved by the elderly. However, its innate body structure also produces some inherent trouble, requiring careful observation and care by the owner.

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Face Care for Silver fawn pug

Silver fawn pug nose short, the most fragile eyes into the face of the most prominent parts of the face, in and long mouth puppy play, must pay attention to the protection of the eyes, puppy unintentional collision, it is easy to its eyes caused serious injury.

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The eight parts of the face

With many folds, tears flowing downward and snot spraying upward, it is most likely to harbor dirt. It should be cleaned diligently, all the folds turned, ventilated and dried to prevent diseases.

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The short nasal passage will cause it breathing difficulties in summer days and after strenuous exercise, so pay attention to heat protection and proper rest.

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Lumbar Spine

The structural characteristics of the silver fawn pug’s spine cause it to be prone to disc prolapse disease, which is common in male dogs from 2½ to 4½ years old and in female dogs from 3½ to 5½ years old.

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Main symptoms: hard neck, head cannot move freely, head to shoulder pain, difficulty in taking big steps, pain in the front half of the body, cannot move, do not allow people to hold, the front legs do not touch the ground, difficulty in lying down, the stomach is very hard, cannot jump, the tail cannot be wagged, and the hind legs are weak.

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