French Bulldog Lifespan: How Long Does a French Bulldog Live

Did you know that although the French Bulldog originated in France, its ancestors were English Bulldogs? The French Bulldog has English Bulldog blood in its body, which is why there are so many similarities between the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog. The English Bulldog is a medium-sized dog, while the French Bulldog is a small guard dog. English Bulldogs typically live to be around 10-12 years old.

Why the French Bulldog Lifespan is So Short

Studies have found that the average French Bulldog lifespan is around 12-15 years. Of course, there are individual differences in the length of life of French Bulldog dogs. Some long-lived French Bulldog Lifespan can to be 15-17 years old, but some unfortunate French Bulldogs only live to be just a few years old. The lifespan of a French Bulldog is related to breed, genetics, and disease, but it is also closely related to the breeder’s breeding and care.

french bulldog lifespan

French bulldogs are not in very good physical condition because of congenital reasons, so they often suffer from physical discomfort. If the owner regularly takes the French bulldog to the hospital for medical examination, then it can be early prevention and early detection and early treatment, so that the French bulldog will certainly be able to live longer; on the contrary, if you do not take the French bulldog for regular medical examination, it is likely that the French bulldogs are sick and don’t know it, which leads to a short life expectancy.

french bulldog lifespan

Some French Bulldog Lifespan do not live to be 15 years old, in fact, it has something to do with the owner’s failure to tie the leash in time when he takes the French Bulldog out of the house. Because the French bulldog did not tie the leash, out of the door may be because of the excitement, excitement, and thus running, this time is likely to encounter car accidents, or lost the situation, so how can the French Bulldog Lifespan to 15 years old it. Therefore, the owner must do civilized dog breeding, go out must remember to tie the dog leash.

french bulldog lifespan

How to improve French Bulldog Lifespan

To raise a good French bulldog, so that they accompany us more common time, out of a good breeding environment, you can give them in their old age, give them to eat some to improve vitality. Increase the body’s resistance to nutritional supplements, such as the British MAG blueberry serum, the product contains organic germanium, organic selenium, arbutin, amino acids, fruit acids, VC, VE, VA, VB, SOD, K, Fe, Zn, Ca and other dozens of nutritional enhancements of physical fitness and vitality. Blueberries contain a large number of purple nutrients activate eye cells, accelerate the synthesis and regeneration of the retina and retinal violet, so that the eyes bloom with vitality and radiance, so that the dog has charming eyes. The natural anthocyanins in blueberries can effectively promote the formation of skin collagen, activate skin cells, thereby improving the health of the skin, so that the pet’s skin is smooth, elastic, dense and shiny hair.

french bulldog lifespan

Feeding French bulldogs, not only to control the amount of feeding, but also pay attention to the intake of nutrition to be balanced. So, it is necessary to choose a nutritious and balanced dog food as the main food, here we recommend this dog food, animal raw materials over 73%, a high proportion of animal raw materials put, protein over 33%.

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With chicken, duck, beef, anchovies, tuna and other 5 kinds of meat as raw materials, to provide a rich source of protein. It is also paired with 4 kinds of fruits and vegetables to supplement a variety of vitamins. And it also adds chicory root powder, psyllium, and yucca powder to help reduce fire and improve absorption in the digestive system. Duck + Psyllium is effective in lowering fire, and it is very suitable for French Bulldogs who are prone to tear stains to feed.

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French Bulldog’s nasal passages are shorter and narrower, so he can’t exercise strenuously to avoid panting. French Bulldogs are not heat resistant and are prone to heat stroke in summer, and it is quite common for them to leave due to heat stroke. So, if you want to take your French Bulldog out for a walk, either in the morning before the sun comes out, or in the evening, you should wait until the ground temperature is not too high.

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Always take him out on a leash. The leash is a safety leash to prevent it from leaving this world due to sudden accidents. But holding the dog rope to take it on the elevator, the owner must not play with the phone or because of other things and ignore the dog, once the dog rope elevator door, the owner regrets are too late.

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French bulldogs are also very afraid of the cold. There is no exuberant dog hair to prevent cold, the owner will need to prepare clothes for it. At home, you have to be careful that its stomach gets cold thus leading to diarrhea, so prepare thick mats for the French Bulldog that likes to lie on the floor.

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The folds on its eyes and face should be checked and cared for regularly. If the folds are left uncleaned for a long time and too much dirt accumulates, it is not only prone to skin problems and tear stains, but it can also lead to eye inflammation.

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The normal weight of a French Bulldog is around 8-13kg. Being too skinny does require consideration of whether it is sick or severely undernourished. However, owners should not keep it too obese. It is best to keep the French Bulldog’s weight within the normal range.

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For parents, now that they have bred a French Bulldog puppy, the main responsibility is to take care of them patiently and carefully to provide a happy and healthy life. Some of the life care, diet, housing and so on this is the need for the owner can personally do things, since the breeding of the French bulldog dog, then its life diet is the responsibility of the owner, to protect its health is also the responsibility of the owner.

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All in all, no matter how long a French Bulldog can live, it is not something that the owner should worry about every day. The most important thing in raising a French Bulldog is to give it a healthy and happy home, so that it can have a good body, enjoy the warmth of the family, and let it have a perfect “life journey”, which is the most important thing.

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