Blue French Bulldog: 5 Interesting Facts


Want a dog that’s always cuddling on the couch? Need a furry little roommate for your city apartment? Then look no further, because the Blue French Bulldog is the perfect pup for you.

blue french bulldog

The Blue French Bulldog is particularly unique, having a light blue with a gray coat. These dogs are usually a solid color, but it’s not uncommon to see white spots on the chest and belly.

blue french bulldog

If you’ve ever strolled through any major city, chances are you’ve seen this puppy before. Many city dwellers choose this adorable dog as a pet due to its compact size and less exercise requirements.

blue french bulldog

5 Interesting Facts About Blue French Bulldogs

  1. There are many celebrities who own French Bulldogs, from Reese Witherspoon to Madonna.
  2. According to the AKC, the French Bulldog is the fourth most popular dog breed in 2018.
  3. Frenchies are also popular on social media-Manny the Frenchie has over 1 million Instagram followers.
  4. They are unable to give birth naturally and often and require a C section.
  5. The breed almost ends up with rose ears instead of the bat ears this dog has.

blue french bulldog

Blue French Bulldog Personality and Temperament

Blue French Bulldogs are laid back dogs who enjoy company. In fact, some owners describe them as “magic dogs” for how clingy they can be. They are mischievous and resourceful pups who often enjoy basic dog games like fetch. You can rest assured that you won’t have to spend hours of exercise to eliminate this annoyance. Thanks to their flat faces, they will settle in for walks around the block. Whatever game they want to do is with you.

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Blue French Bulldogs rarely bark and are usually quiet to get your attention. They are social and adaptable dogs that can adapt to any situation. These pups especially enjoy people, children and other dog companions.

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Keep in mind that manners and respect should be taught to young children when handling any breed of dog. Due to their small size, they can be easily hurt, so it is important to remind your children not to treat your puppy like a teddy bear.

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They can be a bit destructive if they are not stimulated, so make sure you give them an outlet to release their energy – toys and exercise work best. This breed loves tug-of-war. Since they are descended from English Bulldogs, they have rough housing built into their genes. Due to their stubbornness, they may be prone to separation anxiety.

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Do blue French Bulldogs make good family dogs

Yes, they can be a lot of fun for the family and provide lots of cuddles on the couch. However, as mentioned earlier, make sure that young children are educated on how to properly handle a puppy.

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French Bulldog Care Guide

Blue French Bulldogs are a low maintenance breed. Due to their cranial head and face, you should ensure that you avoid overdoing it when exercising. Grooming them is also easy, just be aware of their wrinkles as bacteria and food can get caught between the folds.

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All in all, this dog would fit into any home, from a family home to an apartment. Just make sure their needs are met and they will be happy.

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Exercise Requirements

This breed doesn’t require a lot of exercise. Simply walk around the block and relax on the leash at the park. Thirty minutes of exercise a day is usually plenty, but beware of overexertion and heat stroke, as flat faces make it difficult for them to breathe.

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While they are comfortable with almost any activity, make sure to avoid swimming. Their heaviest bodies can act as anchors, making pools and lakes dangerous for this dog. These dogs would rather surf TV channels than wave!

Number of walks per day: 1-2.

Total amount of exercise needed per day: up to 30 minutes.

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Grooming and shedding

Grooming wise, they are pretty low maintenance. For their gray and blue coats, they need a quick brush with a rubber glove every other day and a bath once a month. Their wrinkles need special attention. Make sure to clean their faces weekly with dog-safe wipes, as food and bacteria can get caught between the folds.

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Bat ears must be cleaned to prevent infection and maintain proper dental hygiene. Since they are not the most active breed, keep an eye on the nails and trim them if they don’t wear themselves out.

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Feeding and Diet

Since they are an inactive breed, keep an eye on their diet. Due to their low activity level, overfeeding may cause them to gain weight. This dog should not weigh more than 28 pounds as the extra weight may stress their joints.

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A checkup with your veterinarian is a good way to gauge how much food your dog needs and which food is best for them. Avoid using too many fillers or by-product coarse grind brands. Experimental studies have observed that high-protein diets are better at maintaining lean body mass in obese dogs undergoing weight loss programs.

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Known Health Problems

Respiratory problems may occur due to the flat face. You can hear these by breathing in and out during hot weather or after exercise. Additionally, Blue French Bulldogs are prone to spinal deformities and may be born with hemivertebrae or deformed spinal bones. In addition to certain skin problems, there is also a risk of color-dilution alopecia. This can lead to follicular self-destruction and permanent hair loss.

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No breed will be completely free of health problems, but the Blue French Bulldog requires extra research when looking for a reputable breeder. Make sure you have good health insurance if these issues arise later in life.

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How long does a Blue French Bulldog live

Your Blue French Bulldog should live to be 12 years old.

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How Much Does a Blue French Bulldog Cost

Most Blue French Bulldog puppies cost around $3,500.

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How to Train a Blue French Bulldog

One thing to know about this dog is that they can become stubborn when it comes to training. As with any dog, it is important to start training and socializing as early as eight weeks old. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train a blue French Bulldog. This is because any training technique based on dominance will only lead to terrible behavior.

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Remember to ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. Once your dog realizes that a certain behavior rewards them with attention or food, they will understand. One way to utilize positive reinforcement is through food. Blue flans tend to be very fond of food, so figuring out their favorite treats can make them look forward to training sessions and help them develop good manners.

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Just remember to handle your portions with care and make sure to give them low calorie foods during the more basic command training sessions. Each particular situation requires a different type of treat, so try to find what works best for your dog.

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A great way to train puppies and socialized pups is to enroll in training classes. These classes can help your dog become socialized by providing them with a variety of opportunities to meet dogs and people of all shapes and sizes.

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Its friendly and laid-back personality makes for excellent company, especially after a long day at work. Expect unconditional love with the French Blue Bulldog as his love for you knows no bounds. All in all, they brighten up your house. You will find yourself enjoying its antics and falling in love with the adorable Frenchie smile.

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