Blue Adult French Bulldog: Aggression

Blue adult french bulldog, although not very high in IQ, but it’s naive appearance, gentle character, and ugly look is also loved by many people. The blue adult french bulldog is also a small dog breed, even after growing up the size of the change will not be too big, so how much does the blue adult french bulldog weigh? Many people will ask this question.

How much does a blue adult french bulldog weigh?

How much does a French Bulldog weigh as an adult? If you like small dogs, then the French Bulldog is one of them. Adult pit bulls weigh about 18-25kg and are about 30-36cm tall. Males weigh around 20-25kg and females weigh 18-23kg, with a slight difference.

blue adult french bulldog

Blue adult french bulldog are very clingy and like their owners to spend more time with them. If it is not accompanied by anyone for a long time or often stays at home by itself, then it may be finally depressed. It is also not conducive to its mental health. It will also affect its life expectancy. If you are busy and don’t have much time Blue adult french bulldog are not suitable for you.

blue adult french bulldog

Blue adult french bulldog are energetic little guy, every day to go out to activities for about an hour, for its bone and muscle development are better. If you are a homebody or don’t like to go out for a walk, then don’t keep it. If you love sports as much as it does, then you can usually bring its favorite snacks and take it out to exercise. It will be very happy.

blue adult french bulldog

Blue adult french bulldog due to physiological structure such as short nasal cavity is prone to snoring, as well as more skin folds, but also prone to skin diseases. So, it is required that the owner in the usual feeding more effort and careful care of them. If you can’t accept it, you probably shouldn’t keep it.

blue adult french bulldog

Although the blue adult french bulldog has shorter fur, it also loves to shed. Especially during the changing season twice a year, if you don’t groom it often enough, it may get all over the house. Dog hair may also get on your hair or clothes. People with fur allergies or cleanliness fetishes may break down. For such a situation, we can choose some natural and healthy dog food for them Oh. Be sure to pay attention to low salt and low-fat feeding.

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The blue adult french bulldog is a typical snacker. A lot of things like to eat, if you are a person who likes to give everything to the dog to eat, it is not recommended to feed the blue adult french bulldog. Because the blue adult french bulldog if long-term consumption of our own food, will be more likely to change the skin disease or hair loss will also be more serious Oh.

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Blue Adult French Bulldog IQ

Blue adult french bulldog character is very friendly, intelligent, clever, temperament is also quite good, he is more of a small guard in the sacred lake, very strong and agile, once more popular in Europe bullfighting activities, they are that valiant and majestic chase the bullfighting dog. With the development of civilized society, bullfighting activities have gradually disappeared, they have become a small pet in our lives, received a lot of iron fans of the pampered heart, visible regardless of whether it is in the previous illustrious Europe can leave their own glorious stroke on it, or in the present can give you enthusiasts leave a good impression, visible it is also a member of the excellent, can be in the vast field of battle with the bullfighting, visible IQ It is also not ordinary ah.

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Of course, his IQ ranking is also so unsatisfactory, far from the eyes that is completely look forward to wear ah, ranked 58, IQ ranking is not forward, but now this IQ ranking problem cannot be the best way to judge the IQ of pets high and low, the people of the IQ ranking is also more and more thin. The main thing to look at is whether he has a strong execution as well as tameness.

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By virtue of its own brave and mighty as well as in the taming aspect is also more excellent very calm and stoic, in the police to detect the case can give them a lot of help, treating the prey is extremely fierce and cruel, the slightest does not give the prey to return to the margins, on the single their executive force is also dedicated to their duties, work hard to carry out all kinds of work.

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Whether in the work above the excellent performance or in life above the various habits are very easy to tame and very loyal and lovely, but how the IQ, look at the performance, immediately clear in the heart.

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Is the blue adult french bulldog aggressive?

When it comes to their aggressiveness, the fact is that animals, like humans, have lives and minds, and both have feelings of comfort and uneasiness. When they feel certain things, people or animals in their lives, which bring fear and uneasiness to it, out of their sense of self-preservation, they will certainly react as well. For example: barking loudly, showing their teeth, lunging up and biting, etc. to confront what it perceives as an enemy. After all, Bulldogs are by nature fearless in battle and would rather die than give in to the spirit of combat. So in the face of these small animals, they should also pay attention to their own behavior, do not tease.

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But if the family has a blue adult french bulldog owner, usually through the dog’s scientific training can also greatly reduce their aggressiveness. When the dog is 3-4 months old, you can start training, first of all, let the dog learn how to get along with people, not afraid of life, cultivate their social skills, to avoid injuries and biting accidents in the crowd. The main thing is to train their obedience, so that it listens to its owner, so that even when out of character behavior, it can be stopped in time. But even better training, when out and about, pet owners must wear a leash, and don’t leave them alone when there are children.

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