9 Steps to Pick a Healthy and Beautiful Pug Puppies

Choosing a Healthy and Beautiful Pug Puppy

The most important thing in choosing a family dog is that it is healthy, and a 2-month-old dog is weaned enough to live independently. The first thing you should do is to pay attention to the dog’s features and state, and then use the nine steps to pick out a healthy and beautiful pug puppies.

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  1. Eyes should be clear, no floating debris, and no excessive discharge from the corners of the eyes.
  2. The nose should be moist and moderate, not always sneezing.
  3. Teeth should be neat and white, no odor in the mouth.
  4. The Pug belongs to the small dogs, but gives the feeling of small in the big, a kind of compact Pug puppies.
  5. The head is required to be big and round like an apple but not up-arched, and the face is big on top and small on the bottom like an axe-head type.
  6. The facial folds should be more and deeper than the better. Eyes large and round and slightly protruding, ears in the shape of a button is better, to be small and thin and softer.
  7. The mouth should be short, wide, but not upturned.
  8. Buy the attention of the dog’s eye circles, forehead folds, mouth, nose, ears, cheeks on the “mole” should be black hair short, soft, but not too soft, smooth and glossy, the tail is best to have a double layer of curly hair, and can be rolled up to the hips above the most ideal.
  9. Color depends on what you like. The face and hair selected, the other will be easy chest broad, body thick and short healthy, full of muscle, body proportion should be normal, the legs cannot be too long, and to be thick and strong.

pug puppies

Selecting a Purebred Pug puppies

Pug expression is very unhappy, but in fact the character is the kind of very mischievous and joyful oh. The more obvious characteristic of the pug dog is that the face has a lot of folds, like a big embarrassed character. Their eyes are very round, their nose is somewhat flat, and their respiratory tract is short, so they will often make the sound of huffing and puffing. How do you pick a purebred pug puppies?

pug puppies

Pug puppies are selected for their smallness, compactness, good proportions, and hard muzzle profile. The ideal weight range is 14 to 18 pounds. Proportions are square. Markings are well defined. Muzzle or face color, ears, ear rims, thumb spots, diamond shaped spots on forelimbs and back markings may be black. Face color should be black.

pug puppies

The coat is aesthetically pleasing, smooth, soft, short, and shiny, neither hard nor wool-like. The color is silver, apricot, or black. The silver or apricot color should be clear and contrasting with the other color markings and the color of the face. The neck is slightly arched, stout, and of sufficient length to enable the head to be held high and proud. The back is short with a horizontal dorsal line. The body is short and fat with a broad chest and well expanded ribs. The tail is curled as far above the rump as possible. Multiple curls are preferred.

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Head large, stout, not arched, apple head, forehead not receding. Eyes very dark in color, very large, prominent and striking, globular, with a look of peace and longing. Very bright, when excited, full of enthusiasm. Muzzle short, blunt and broad, but not upturned. The bite should be a slight protruding jaw bite. There are two ear shapes: rose or button ears, the latter being the more desirable. The ears are thin, small, soft, and resemble black velvet. The wrinkles are large and deep.

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The Purebred Pug puppies, when viewed from the front, is well oriented in the forequarters, with strong feet and wrists, and square paws on the ground, with the middle toes forward. The hindquarters move with power and ease. The stifle and fly joints do not turn inward or outward. The hind legs are in the same straight line as the front legs. Both the front and hindquarters are naturally slightly tucked in. The slight twisting of the hindquarters indicates that he is relaxed, confident and happy.

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When to wean a Pug puppies

Dogs are born nursing to maintain their physical growth, but of course all puppies can’t nurse for the rest of their lives, they have to start weaning after a certain stage of growth. Pugs are one of the most popular pet dogs and when should they be weaned after birth and what food should they eat after they are weaned?

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Generally, puppies are weaned when they nurse until they are 1-2 months old. Some parents wean their pug puppies earlier, after their dog has nursed for 1 month, however more parents choose to wean their dog when it has nursed for about 1.5 months. It is worth noting that before weaning a Pug puppies, parents should think about what food they will feed them in the future, and that they should source the food that their dog will need to eat after they are weaned well in advance.

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At present, most of the food parents choose to feed their pugs are professional dog food, and other dog food, of course, occasionally in life, they will also DIY some dog food to adjust the dog’s taste. Before you are ready to wean your Pug puppies, you should prepare the professional puppy dog food and dog milk powder.

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Puppies in the weaning period are physically fragile, and their gastrointestinal function is not well adapted. Therefore, those hard puppy dog food should not be given directly to its door to eat, you can first use warm water to soak the dog food soft, and then the soft dog food soaked in dog milk powder, and into a paste after the pug to eat. The main reason for not soaking the dog food directly in powdered milk is that it is not easy to soak the dog food in powdered milk, and after the powdered milk is soaked the dog food will not be fresh for a while, and the flavor of the milk will be mixed with the flavor of the dog food and will not smell good anymore.

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When giving dog food to weaned pugs, it must be softened first. Because, pug puppies in the weaning period have fragile gastrointestinal function and their teeth are not fully grown, they can’t chew the dog food well, and their gastrointestinal function is more laborious to digest these hard dog foods. If you give your puppy dog food directly, it is easy to have gastrointestinal indigestion problems. For this reason, parents must pay special attention when feeding weaned pug puppies.

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