Learn About a Dog a Day – Apricot Color Pug

Apricot Color Pug, native to China, are charming and elegant, and now more and more people choose to breed them. If you want your dog to be purebred, whether it’s purebred or not, your own is the best, so how to recognize whether a Pug is purebred?

Identify Purebred Apricot Color Pug

Body Type

The Pug is characterized by being small in size, compact, well-proportioned, and with a hard muzzle profile. The ideal weight range is 14 to 18 pounds. Proportions are square.

apricot color pug


Pug’s eyes are standard almond-shaped, the ball bordering the place will be a little light blue, will disappear after growing up, don’t think that’s a manifestation of impurity, but the adult dog blue eyes is a manifestation of disqualification oh.

apricot color pug


The head is large, thick and heavy, not on the arch, apple head, forehead does not shrink back. Eyes are very dark in color, very large, prominent and eye-catching, bulbous, full of peace and desire. Very bright, when excited, full of enthusiasm. Muzzle short, blunt and broad, but not upturned. The bite should be a slight protruding jaw bite. There are two ear shapes: rose or button ears, the latter being the more desirable. The ears are thin, small, soft, and resemble black velvet. The wrinkles are large and deep.

apricot color pug

Apricot Color Pug Personality Traits

Apricot Color Pug have long been human companions, they are gentle and kind, they don’t bark, they love to sleep, their expression is always super innocent, they don’t have a high need for exercise, and they are very patient with children.

apricot color pug

But this does not mean that they are lazy, on the contrary, their curiosity is very exuberant, for the new environment and new things to explore the desire is particularly strong, very like to find stimulation!

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One of the very famous Pugs is named Otis. It grew up in a skydiving center, and its favorite thing to do on weekdays is to chase planes, and also experience the extreme sport of skydiving with skydivers, and love it very much! So far it has jumped as many as 64 times, is a real flying dog!

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But if they have nothing else to do, they’re not particularly annoying, and can sleep up to 14 hours a day, which is almost as much as a kitten.

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Apricot Color Pug Breeding Conditions

Apricot Color Pug are not so easy to train, and require a relatively high level of understanding on the part of the owner, who knows a few tips on how to communicate with them, and a lot of patience.

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They respond well to positive reinforcement and can be trained in basic obedience, understanding commands such as “sit”, “stop” and “no”.

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However, it is important that the owner communicates commands with clear intent and rewards in a timely manner, so that when he or she realizes that an action will be rewarded, he or she will be happy to do it. Their two main sources of motivation are food and the love of their owners.

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In addition, the Apricot Pug has a fine, smooth, soft, short, glossy coat, but sheds constantly throughout the year. As a small dog, the Apricot Pug claims to have the size of a small dog, the weight of a medium-sized dog, and the coat of a large dog! So it’s best to give them a simple brush and wipe them down with a semi-wet towel every day.

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In the hot summer, especially on sweltering days, it will have difficulty in breathing and even become sick. Usually do not let it in the hot sun directly under the sun activities, if necessary, should be for its cooling or move to the ventilation and cool place to go. In the Apricot Color Pug’s feeding management, it is necessary to give enough nutrition. Pay attention to the structure of the dog’s diet every day.

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In fact, the dog food on the market now can fully meet the daily needs of the dog, it is recommended to give the dog natural food. Usually you can give the dog appropriate vegetables and meat, so that the dog nutrition is very sufficient.

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Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene work, is also an important part of raising a good pug. In summer, it should be bathed every other week. In winter, the interval between baths can be extended appropriately.

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Since the head and neck of the Apricot Color Pug has more folds, it is easy to hide dirt and bacteria, so raising this kind of dog should pay special attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Normally, wash once every month, and in summer when it is hot, wash once every 2-3 days. Special attention should be paid to washing the creases and crevices to prevent skin diseases or mange. After each bath, use a soft-bristled brush to brush its hair and use a blow dryer to dry its hair.

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Apricot Color Pug snoring

Apricot Color Pug are short-nosed dogs, and according to statistics, about 50% of short-nosed dogs have significant respiratory problems, and the most obvious symptom is snoring.

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The Apricot Color Pug snores because of its body structure, which has a short nose and a nose that faces upwards, making it more like a snore when it breathes. The snoring is especially worse when sleeping. Of course, this is a normal condition and parents do not need to worry and fret about it.

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For dogs that snore, owners should pay special attention to their breathing problems. If they have serious breathing problems, such as breathing through their mouths for a long time with obvious panting movements, they should be prevented from strenuous exercise.

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Spring and fall season climate will change, Apricot Color Pug are very easy to catch a cold and get sick, will therefore appear to snore loud panting. Therefore, we usually have to pay attention to the healthy diet of Apricot Color Pug, to drink more water, eat the best aspects of low-salt and low-oil products of dog food, dietary health amount can avoid it to suffer unnecessary pain.

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