Dark Brown Pug: A Small Encyclopedia of Cute Pets

Dark brown pug is commonly known as dark brown pug, which belong to the small playful dogs, but the body is very strong and compact. Nowadays, there are a lot of families keeping dark brown pug, and you will often see owners walking their cute dark brown pug during their leisure walks. Dark brown pug is small and have less need for exercise, they are cheerful and lively, and smart and alert. So, it is relatively easy for parents to raise them.

Breeding dark brown pug

To raise a Pug first build a good living environment for it. For example, prepare a comfortable and warm kennel for it, prepare some daily toys, eating utensils, dog toilet and so on.

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To make the Pug grow up healthily, nutritional comprehensive and balanced food is a must. Then you also need to feed it regularly every day and prepare enough diet for it. Nowadays, the main food suitable for pet dogs are, dog food, canned dog food, dog cookies and so on. In addition, parents can also in with some fresh vegetables, meat and other food to feed dark brown pug. And other pet food, human food and so on do not give it to eat.

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In addition to the living environment, diet, etc., parents should also do a good job in the health care of the pug. For example, you should brush your dog’s hair at least once a day. Trim the dog’s toenails and hair in time. The dog’s teeth should be brushed 3 times per week, it should be bathed and cleaned regularly, and so on. Most importantly, parents should regularly deworm their dark brown pug in vivo and in vitro, and vaccinate them regularly to protect their dogs’ health from diseases.

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To raise a good Pug is also nothing more than managing its food and shelter. And it should be noted that although the Bugs do not exercise much, reasonable and healthy exercise is still necessary. Owners should walk their dark brown pug for a walk in their spare time, and in their free time on weekends they should take their dogs outdoors to do more exercise, in order to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and maintaining good health oh.

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How to deal with tear marks in the corners of the eyes of dark brown pug

If you see the pug’s eyes are full of tear stains, once 2 times will not notice the situation. However, if you can see the corners of the eyes of the pug for a long time have deep tear marks, then pet owners need to pay close attention to it, it is likely that the pug’s eyes appear to be a problem, the pet owner must assist it to solve the tear marks.

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Feed a light diet

Pet owners do not have to feed their dark brown pug dry and hard dog food, because the dog food is baked by machine, so dark brown pug have been eating so dry and irritable ingredients are easy to fire, it is inevitable that there are tear marks. And, pet owners should also pay attention to not give the pug to eat their own leftover meals, ultimately, people eat things salt and oil flavor relative to the dog is relatively heavy, the pug often do not eat all the meals, it is also easy to fire. Therefore, pet owners should always prepare some light dishes for dark brown pug in advance.

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Moderate application of eye drops

There is also the pug’s hair is longer, sometimes longer hair into its eyes, the surface of the eyes suffered the irritation of dirt will metabolize the tears, in the long run will produce the tear stains. There is also that both eyes suffered a sense of Dick, caused by some of the problems around the eyes, will also prompt the pug’s corner of the eye hanging with two tear stains. For this kind of condition caused by the tear, pet owners need to dark brown pug around the corner of the hair cut repair off, and then use a wet paper towel will be scrubbed neatly around its eyes, unremittingly every day to dark brown pug apply eye drops can be.

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Go to the pet hospital for a physical examination

If the pet owner in the pug application of eye drops after a period of time, the situation has not improved, but also more serious words. Pet owners need to see if the pug has any other major manifestations, if there is always want to sleep, diarrhea, purulent nasal discharge, repeated fever and other conditions, pet owners should hurry to send the pug to the pet hospital clinic to accept the examination. Because of the comprehensive analysis of the situation, the probability that the pug has distemper is very high.

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How to give a pug a bath

Dark brown pug is a very cute small dogs, they are gentle and friendly, very affinity, loved by many dog lovers. Despite their small size, dark brown pug requires the same attention to daily care and cleaning. Here are the detailed steps for bathing a pug:

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  1. Before giving a pug a bath, put a collar on him so that it is easy to control when bathing. This point, for many of the “bath” of the good dog seems to be less applicable, but for the first time to bathe the pug can try.
  2. Use cotton swabs or tampons (do not use cotton balls, if the pug shakes its head during the bath, the cotton balls will automatically fall off) to vertically plug the pug’s d-shaped ear canal. Dot the eyes with gentamycin ointment to prevent the entry of bath liquid and dirty water.
  3. If the pug is placed in a tub or bathtub for bathing, then the amount of water should be 5-10 cm deep, and a non-slip mat can be placed in the tub to allow the pug to stand still in the tub by itself.
  4. Dip the pug into the appropriate warm water to soak the whole body, comb the pug’s fur gently, so that the pug feels comfortable and quiet, ready to take a bath.
  5. First in the pug’s back coated with bath, from the back to the hips to rub, the whole body rubbed out foam, and then finally wash the pug’s head, two ears, chin, around the anus, limbs, soles of the feet and other parts of the pug, should be washed comprehensively, need to pay attention to is to avoid the foam washed into the pug’s eyes. Despite the fact that the packaging of the baths sold in pet stores state that they are “non-irritating to the eyes”, so far there is still no bath that is 100% safe and enjoyable for dark brown pug. So, the only way to find out is to be careful. If this is your pug’s first time taking a bath, or if he or she is a very uncooperative type of dog, as already mentioned, you can try using a collar to make it easier for you to control your pug. In this case, you hold the pug’s collar with one hand while gently scrubbing, lest the pug jumps out or gets water everywhere.
  6. Start flushing. The direction of rinsing is to clean the pug’s head first, then the body. Start from the head and gradually rinse backward, do not split the head a handful, rinse wherever it is.
  7. Be sure to ensure that the residual bath liquid on the pug’s fur is thoroughly rinsed out, and make sure that the residual bath liquid on the pug’s body is completely washed out, it is recommended that the conditioner be used every time, and the pH balance is conducive to the thorough washing of the residual bath liquid on the pug’s body.
  8. Dry the pug with a large towel that can completely wrap the pug, remove the tampon inside the pug’s ears, and wipe the ears. Use the towel to wipe first, then use a hair dryer to dry. If your pug is suffering from a skin condition, allow the pug to dry naturally without catching a cold, as the heat from the hair dryer will further irritate the itchy skin affected area.
  9. After blow drying, please remember to brush your pug’s coat.
  10. Finally, use toilet paper to clean the eye and ear parts of your pug.

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