Wigs and face shapes

For people who pursue fashion, real hair sometimes does not bring the desired effect, so wigs have become a necessary choice. Regarding the choice of wig, face shape is a very important reference factor. Different face shapes are suitable for different types of wigs. Next, I will recommend to you different types of wigs suitable for different face shapes.

Long face:

The hair can be made into a curly wavy style, which can increase the elegant taste. You should choose a loose and elegant hair style with a little mess in the neatness.

Round face shape:

Choose straight hair with a high top and close-fitting on both sides. The longitudinal lines of straight hair can visually weaken the width of a round face.

Square face shape:

It is not advisable to keep straight bangs, you can use asymmetrical bangs, short straight hair that ends to the cheek.

Triangular face shape:

It can be selected according to the ratio of the face shape to the hairstyle. The hair above the ears should be fluffy when combing.

Inverted triangle face shape:

Choose an asymmetrical haircut with split side slits, revealing a full forehead, and the ends of the hair can be slightly rough and messy.