What is type 4c curls? And how to care?

Do you have type 4 hair but are not sure which type 4 subtype you are? If you can learn your hair better, you can speak its language. You will immediately know what works for your hair and what does not work.

4c hair is the queen of thick, bold afros. From a distance, 4c hair looks like thick hair, but if you look closely, you will find very tight small springs or coils on each hair.

Coils are completely different from curls. Curls are spirals that are easy to see and identify, while coils are smaller strands of hair that resemble springs and are difficult to see from a distance; unless you get close enough to see them. 4c hair is tightly wrapped around your body, and it is easy to break or break if you are not careful. The pattern is: the tighter the curls, the more breaks.

If your curls seem inseparable and you have experienced a lot of shrinkage, you may be shaking gorgeous 4c curls.

4c Tips for moisturizing hair

4c hair is usually dry and it is difficult to retain moisture, so moisturizers (such as water and leave-in conditioners) and sealants (such as oil and hair butter) are 4c hair’s best friends. They will help increase the elasticity of the hair while retaining moisture.

Increasing the elasticity of the hair can prevent breakage by temporarily stretching the curls, making the hair easier to handle. The best part? You will be able to maintain the length and prevent single-strand knots or bifurcations!

Some of the best sealing oils for 4c hair are olive oil, neem, castor oil (regular oil and Jamaican black), moringa oil and gooseberry oil. For hair butter, try cocoa, shea butter, mango, and chebe hair butter.

Disadvantages of 4c:

4c hair is the queen of breakage. Even after unraveling, curls can still find ways to entangle each other. 4c Hair has unparalleled shrinking power; it can shrink up to 75%. If you have twenty (20) inches of hair, your 4c contraction will make your hair look only five (5) inches long.

On the bright side of 4c:

4c hair eliminates the hassle of consistently re-styling and handling hair. It can maintain the best protection style for the longest time-we are talking about one to two (1-2) months!

When dry, 4c hair can almost resist gravity. This feature provides you with a variety of style options-updos, buns, frohawks, you can think of! 4C hair has incredible volume and beautiful, dizzying African hairstyles.

4c type wigs are very popular with African women because they can make them look more attractive!