What is type 4a curls? And how to care?

Type 4a hair has medium-sized, loose curls. The curls are in a bouncy S shape, about the same size as a crochet hook.

If you look closely at 4a hair type, you will find that curls are not interlocked like 4b or 4c curls. Each 4a strand independently curls or spirals away from other adjacent strands.

4a hair has natural and clear curls and is easier to style and handle than 4b and 4c hair. Due to its loose curls, it also reduces the risk of natural breakage.

Does your curls form an S-shaped spiral? Do you find it easy to comb and style your hair? Then, you may have curly, stunning 4a hair.

4a Tips for moisturizing hair

Like other hair type 4 subtypes, hair type 4a is prone to dryness and needs moisture. To prevent hair from being damaged or broken during the operation, please use natural hair oils (such as shea butter) and essential oils. Replenish the natural oils of the scalp with hair oils such as almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and Jamaican black castor oil. These oils contain essential fatty acids, which help thicken hair and reduce hair loss. They are very suitable for type 4a curls.

So, how to moisturize 4a hair? Water is the best — and cheapest — moisturizer, so it’s best to spray your hair and scalp with clean water from a spray bottle on a regular basis. Then, massage any of your favorite oils or oil mixtures from the list into your scalp and hair to lock in juicy moisture.

Disadvantages of 4a:

Type 4a hair usually does not maintain a protective style for a long time-more than 2-5 days.

Since the protective style of 4a hair does not last long, you may need to continue to redesign your hair. Regular re-styling will result in a high degree of manipulation, which can lead to breakage or scalp tension over time.

On the bright side of 4a:

4a Hair is super easy to moisturize. Using a small pump or leave-in conditioner spray and a few drops of oil, you can moisturize 4a hair for several days!

With its high moisturizing power and naturally shaped curls, it creates a perfect “washed-off” look.