What are the common wig making processes?

I believe that with the different needs of beauty lovers, hair loss people, and fashion people, the wig market is now very mature. Most people are familiar with the common classification of wigs, and some main materials and components. However, compared with the production process of wigs, there may be relatively few people who understand it.

In this article today, we will briefly introduce the common wig technology for you!

At present, there are three kinds of wig crafts: mechanism, hand knitting and needle delivery. Today I will explain to you the difference between these three processes.

The first: the mechanism

The mechanism is to use the machine to run up the hair piece by piece on the hair net. The hair cannot be independent and cannot be separated at will. Relatively rough, not real, so the price is cheap. As shown in the figure:

What are the common wig making processes?images

The second: hand-woven

Hand-woven wigs have a separate hand-woven special intranet. The price of imported intranets is relatively high, and the whole net is crocheted by hand, and the hair is crocheted and woven on the intranet one by one according to the direction of hair growth. Compared with machine-made wigs, hand-woven wigs have upgraded technology, better effects, and higher relative prices. However, hand-woven wigs have obvious black spots during the weaving process.

What are the common wig making processes?images1

The third type: needle-handing

The needle-handling wig is that the worker adds a layer of simulated scalp on the basis of the single-layer net, and then from the simulated scalp (the biggest advantage of the simulated scalp is that it can be sewn at will, giving the wearer the greatest sense of security). Handing out the hair is the most tedious process in wigs. It is further divided into single delivery needle and double delivery needle. Single delivery is to finish the hook first, then hand over the long head and leave the short fork without delivery. The bottom of the net is made of 4 layers of net. Generally used in the front part, short hair can not be seen, its hair root fidelity, mesh bottom air permeability and double delivery are the same. Double handing is to finish the hook first and then pass the hair all over again.

What are the common wig making processes?images2

The needle-handling wig has a three-dimensional effect at the root of the hair, without the black spots of ordinary hand-woven fabrics, just like the hair growing out of your own head, which is more three-dimensional and realistic. The production process is more complicated than the general process, not only high technical requirements but also quite time-consuming, high cost and high price.