Uses of wig accessories

With the development of the fashion industry, the use of wigs is also increasing. You can see celebrities wearing different styles of hair on their heads at banquets, as well as wigs in unique colors for the younger generation of wearers.

Do you know the common types of wigs and their uses?

Wigs are available in full hair sets, half hair sets, small hair pieces, hair bundles, buns and more.

As a daily wig, in addition to covering baldness, it can also be used as a hairstyle changer.

Full hair set with flexible elastic on the back of the set to accommodate a variety of head shapes. Used to cover up or change hairstyles in large areas.

Half hair sets can make up for some defects, such as wearing on the front half, can cover the front top of thinning hair loss, wearing on the back half can make the hair fluffy or lengthen.

The wearing of the half hair cover is fixed with hair clips and your own hair. The first half of the wig can also be customized with straps on both sides and tied under the hair of the back of the head. The second half of the wig can also be fixed with hair clips on the inner front edge of the hair cover. , and then clip it to your hair.

The color of the half cap should be the same as your own hair color. Small hair pieces. It can enhance the volume of the hair, and it can also be made into various fancy shapes and fixed on a certain part, which is very convenient to comb and change the hairstyle. If it is clipped on the forehead hair, as bangs, it can also be made into a bun and mounted on the back of the head or the top of the head. It can also be combed into a curly pattern and clamped in an appropriate position after being curled. Small hair pieces are light in weight and are generally fixed with hairpins.

Hair bundles, various lengths of hair bundles, can be used for different purposes, such as hair extensions, braids, etc. For example, short hair can be tied at the back of the head to make a “horse tail”; long hair strands can be blended into short hair and braided.

The hair bundles are usually clipped in their own hair and fastened.

After reading the above article, do you have a deeper understanding of wigs?