Tips for wearing wigs comfortably

Not satisfied with your hair length? What should I do if I want to have beautiful long hair again? Wearing wigs for women is a good way. You don’t need to spend a lot of time waiting for your hair to grow long, and you can also stay away from annoying hair dye. Wigs, or extension cheveux are a kind of headwear produced by real hair or artificial hair.

You can choose them according to their different colors, lengths and curvatures. Also, they are packed with different density, there are 4c hair, 4b hair, etc. They are more convenient when you want try different hair styles, like passion twist hair, wave hair and afro hair. Here are some tips for wearing wigs comfortably:

1.Before wearing wigs, don’t forget to dry your natural hair, because wet hair breeds bacteria. I recommend Dyson hair wrap. It’s quite efficient when drying hair.

2. You can choose a wig of the same color of your natural hair or a similar color.

3.Comb your hair and divide it into upper and lower parts with a comb or your fingers. The upper hair can be fixed with a clip first.

4.Then comb the lower part hair so as to make the clipping of wigs easily fixed.

5.Take the clip of your wig, fix the clip to the lower hair.

6. Mix the wig with your natural hair with your hand, so that the wig and your own hair can be well integrated.

7.If you still feel that your hair is less, you can divide it into several parts, and then fix the wig in the same way.

8. Put down the upper hair, cover the wig, and comb it carefully.

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