Something about Cosplay

Cosplay, a portmanteau of “costume play”, is an activity and performance art in which participants called cosplayers (or coser) wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.
Coser most commonly used props are character clothes, character wigs (synthetic wigs), character equipment, etc. It can be said that contemporary Coser is one of the largest user groups of wigs. Normally,The use and maintenance of wigs are very particular:

  1. Combing
    long hair should be sprayed with care agent or hair oil first, and then combed from the bottom to the top. In case of unclear hair knot, you can cut it with scissors. When combing wigs, remember not to use plastic combs! You can use iron comb, wood comb and ox horn comb, as long as they can prevent static electricity. (because static electricity can cause serious knots in the wig)
  2. Washing
    Soak the wig in cold water, add a little shampoo, squeeze it gently, take it out, stick it outside with a towel, suck up the water, and then hang it in a cool place to dry. Don’t wash your wig casually, because washing once shortens your life.
  3. Nursing
    Buy a bottle of special hair oil for wigs. When caring for wigs, mix the care oil with water and spray it on the wigs, comb with a special wig comb, and then hang it in the shade to dry.

Wig is an indispensable part of cosplay. Wig is a part of clothing and a part of this role. Like props, it is essential for modeling. Therefor, you must take good care of him.