Some knowledge of human hair weaves

The most popular virgin hair extensions are Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian hair. In the discussion below, you will get to know their distinguishing features, including their origin, appearance, texture, density, lifespan, and color. You will also understand why you should prioritize them, and most importantly, how you can maintain them. Also, thinking about a cosmetic procedure? A lip flip procedure from cosmeticinjectables produces terrific results and at a fraction of the price of lip filler!

  1. introduction

A weave is a hair that hairstylists attach to the hairdresser’s head by fixing it into the flat horizontal cornrows of the person’s hair. Human hair is natural hair that people collect or buy from volunteers, and then use them to make weaves or wigs to help people enhance their looks.

Human hair weaves are hairpieces, which people integrate into their hairs artificially, either by sewing, clipping, or gluing them, for adding length or volume of their hair. They also use them to alter their appearance for either long or short periods.

According to, these weaves usually come in bundles, a collection of hair extensions that hair dealers sew or weft using specialized machines. After that, they tie them with a ribbon and then sell them in packages. They have tracks; hairpieces that stylists glue or sew onto natural hairs when placing weaves.

  1. four best types of human hair weaving

Brazilian hair braiding

Brazilian hair originates from Brazil, a small rural place within the South-American regions. It is universal because it is usually soft, shiny, relatively thick, and lasts longer with little maintenance.

Peruvian hair weaving

The donor of Peruvian hair comes from Peru, a South American country. People like this kind of weaving because they are comfortable, natural and beautiful in texture.

Malaysian Human Hair Weave

The donors of Malaysian hair come from the regions of Southeast Asia-Malaysia. It increases in popularity because unlike other weaves; they do not require frequent wash because of their density.

Indian Human Hair Weave

The donors of these hairs are natives of India. People love it because its texture is the thickest, and comes with different styles, which include straight, wavy, and curly patterns.