Sea Wig, Headbands and Turbans

Summer has arrived and brings with it the desire to spend the days outdoors, walking, going to the beach and staying out as much as possible.

For many people who habitually wear a wig, summer and heat can seem like a bugbear. Sweat, heat, knotted hair. Thus the beach that is transformed from a holiday resort into a small ordeal.

The ingredients of the cocktail? A handful of sand, copious tears of sweat and a swindle of tangled, hot hair that sticks everywhere.

This year, however, will be different. This time we want to talk to you about all the ways we know to make you feel comfortable on the beach, with or without a wig.

  1. The Headband Wigs:
    They are also called “half wigs” and have a headband that ensures that your hair does not slip out. Diving, boat trips, hours in the sun and swimming, none of this will be precluded.
    You can collect your hair in the most disparate ways and also increase the realism of the wig by combining it with colorful and trendy bands!
  2. Turbans and Hats:
    A comfortable and handy solution is the turban or hat. The elastic and absorbent materials are gentle on the skin and will protect your head from the sun’s rays.
  3. Headbands with hair to match with hats or turbans.
    It would seem a repetition of what we wrote in point 1, but here we are talking about a headband with hair that leaves the entire upper part of the head uncovered. The headband + turban (or hat) combination is recommended for those who do not want to give up their hair but want to maximize the feeling of freshness.
  4. Use old wigs, perhaps combining them with headbands.
    This is a solution that will allow you not to damage your tip wig, protecting it from salt, sunlight, sweat and continuous washing. You can combine it with a headband to help you collect the sweat, or you can choose to make it a disheveled crop.
  5. Bare head but high sunscreen.
    Do you want to be free, happy and maximize comfort? Leave the wig in the bag and take the sunscreen!