Refuse to stay the same

Have you been to the barber shop for a long time? Busy with work every day, don’t have much time to take care of yourself during daily commute? Do you feel envious when you see that a star in the entertainment news has a new look every once in a while? Don’t worry, in today’s ever-changing fashion trends, there is a category of products that add the finishing touch to our daily wear and fashion styling. That is the wigs, which has a long history. Since ancient times, whether it is an ordinary mass wig or a DIY custom wig, it has more or less brought freshness to people’s dress, changed people’s unchangeable shape, let us see See how wigs bring about change.

For decorative modeling:

The user of this type of wigs does not lack hair, but for the sake of decoration and beauty. The wig is not necessary, but it is better. Some people want to save time on hair care and changing hair styles, so they wear wigs to change different hair styles. Some people are afraid that dyeing their hair by perm is not good for their health, and sometimes they choose to wear a wig perm to change their style, and some people with white hair wear a partial wig to cover the new growth on the top of the head in order to reduce the frequency of dyeing black hair. Both are very good choices.

Use to make up for defects:

Its function is similar to dentures. It’s like just need. The important sign is that if the user does not wear a wig, it will be a defect.

People with hair loss or thinning hair will also use wigs to make their hair look thicker. Some partial wigs are specially designed for people with partial hair loss. Because the patients with partial hair loss are mostly men, and the male hair loss is mostly baldness (commonly known as “Mediterranean”), which will make the appearance more old, so many bald men will wear wigs to make themselves look younger. Some people who lose their hair due to cancer and undergo chemotherapy, as well as patients with baldness (commonly known as “ghost shave”) also wear wigs.

Status symbol:

The most common one is the lawyer’s wig. When we see the thick white wig on the top of our head, we can think of British judges. To some extent, the wig is a symbol of professional status, giving professionals authority and professionalism.

Description of the role:

In addition to professional status symbols, wigs are also often used to shape the characters of actors in theatrical performances. For example, some famous historical figures, actors in film and television dramas need to wear wigs to restore their original appearance. Different hairstyles represent the personalities of different roles: in ancient China, men and women had long hair; the crisp short hair shows that this role is smart and capable, and does not procrastinate in doing things.

In theatrical performances, in addition to the exquisite and beautiful makeup and the hairstyle that perfectly fits the character, it is also a big help for an actor to create a good character.

Wigs can be used in professional occasions as well as in daily life. Your own diy wigs makes you have an exclusive look, which is no longer static, radiant and more vigorous.