Precautions for trimming cosplay wigs

As a coser, it is not a small challenge to restore the image of anime characters to the greatest extent, especially on the hairstyles of characters!

Because the hairstyle style of anime characters is relatively unique, everyone often comes into contact with wigs during cosplay.

The wigs bought in stores are relatively common hairstyles. If you want to truly reproduce the hairstyles of characters in anime works, you need to trim or style the wigs for a second time. So, what should be paid attention to in the trimming of wigs?

If you want to trim your wig beautifully and stylishly, it is best to ask a professional barber to help trim it. Of course, if you are confident in your own methods, you can try to deal with it at home, but the effect is not necessarily guaranteed. The precautions mentioned below are all trimmed by professional barbers, and we provide suggestions next to them. You can refer to them.


  1. Please bring your own hairdressing scissors:
Because wigs hurt scissors, if you use the barber's own scissors, it is easy to damage the barber's tools. After all, barbers use scissors as a tool for their work, so of course we must premise that the scissors will not hurt the store. However, you don't need any good scissors to trim a wig. Just go to a hardware store or a hairdresser and buy a pair. You can choose a cheaper one.
  1. Please prepare clear and large pictures of the front, side and back of the character:
If there is no picture, just explain to the barber with his mouth, he may not understand what we are talking about even if he has not seen the animation work, so the effect of cutting out will not necessarily satisfy him.
  1. Before cutting the hair, please reserve more length than the character’s hair:
Wigs are not like real hair, they can still grow if they are cut, so it is recommended that you reserve a length of about 2 cm. If you want to trim it, you can communicate with the barber, or make a small repair yourself.
  1. Please be patient and communicate with the barber about the hairstyle:
Don't take the picture and say to the designer, "I want to cut it like this!" Anime characters' hairstyles are sometimes very difficult to understand how they are made, and each angle will have different changes, so it is necessary to be more Be patient with the barber. Of course, keep the third point in mind too! Otherwise, if you cut the wig, you will really regret it!
  1. Please make sure that the wig hair volume is sufficient:
Due to different brands of wigs, the amount of hair will also vary. Some wigs are very small, and it is not clear what it will look like when cut; it is also possible that the effect of cutting and the effect of actual wearing may deviate. Therefore, when choosing a wig, you should try to choose a type with more hair volume, so that the effect of cutting will be satisfactory.