Look more beautiful

With wigs, girls no longer need to toss their hair and can be the queen of variety. The latest ponytail wig hairstyle, the haie braids that combines age and fashion.

The basic types of wigs are specifically divided into chemical fiber hair, real human hair, real human hair mixed with chemical fiber hair. Chemical fiber hair is for general use. It is not suitable for daily life style and is more difficult to take care of, because the only advantage is the style, and there is no comparison. It’s cheap, it’s almost the same after using it a few times. Real human hair mixed with chemical fiber hair is a minefield in the fake market. Basically 70% of the wigs sold by Rebecca are mixed with 30% chemical fiber hair in real human hair, but Rebecca may come out. The purpose of including chemical hair is to improve the styling ability of wig, but Rebecca’s wigs are too expensive for women to sell. They are selling 10% full human hair, so you must pay more attention. This general method is to cut a strand of hair and light it with fire. The synthetic hair has a very obvious plastic smell.

Foaming and shaved hair are basically washed a few times for thick and rough hair. Many people use this kind of hair under the name of real human hair. This kind of hair is second best.

The hair braids have improved its fashion a lot. The curling treatment of the hair end makes the beautiful ponytail wig unique. There are also lady-like ponytail hair braids. Bring the bangs together. The remaining boys simply tie their hair in a ponytail. The bandage ponytail wig is tied to the position of the ponytail. The curled ponytail side is a ladylike temperament. Coupled with cute female ponytails, there are also cute styles, hairstyles with long-tailed ponytail wigs, and curvilinear hairs tied to the ladies’ fake ponytails.

The waist-length ponytail wig with a very goddess temperament is quite a favorite of many girls. Oh, first create an airy effect with the bangs, and then tie the waist-length ponytail wig, which looks fresh and very goddess. The ponytail wig is simply tied to the position of the ponytail, and the shape is very simple, reducing age and becoming fashionable.