Lace Wig: What You Need To Know About

Surely, at some point in your life, you have wondered what magic is used by the famous ones that allow them to have different kinds of hair.One day they’re short-haired, the next long, dyed red or blond, curled and then straight, long again…Whew!I can tell you that there is no miracle product for all this power, but there is Lace Wig, who are wigs with canvases.

Returning to a few centuries ago, it is possible to see wigs being used as a way of protecting the head of the sun, diseases and also plagues.Even today, this item is synonymous with style, it is practical and it is a super trend.I used to see international celebrities’hair always very nice and well-taken, but they changed their look every week- Camilla de Lucas.

What is lace wig?

Lace wig is a canvas wig similar to the scalp and made to look natural, which can be made of human hair and also synthetic in varying colors and models.Some are resistant to coloring, boards, modelers and scissors, and in close proximity to the skin, it is virtually undetectable if well placed.

The name demonstrates exactly what lace= canvas and wig= wig looks like, being totally or partially made of canvas.The strands are sewn together as if they were coming out of the very root of the scalp in natural growth.

The lace wig models are successful among the pop divas and other wonderful ones out there, who like to be up-to-date and always launching something new, such as the BBB 21 muse, Camilla de Lucas.

With an important role in hair transition, the lace wig is also sought by women who wish to have their natural hair again, but who are still in the process of big chop and have not adapted to the original texture.The wig allows confidence and optimism to take over the process to pass this challenging period lightly and stylistically.

There are several types of lace wig

Lace Front Wig: this model has on its prosthetics a frontal canvas, which ranges from one ear to another and which resembles the scalp.She’s the favorite when it comes to wig, being the closest thing to natural.

Full Lace Wig: whole lace: is a prosthetic that has a screen on the whole cap.

L-Part Wig: L-shaped distributed wig at the top of the head.Sometimes on both sides or just one.

Invisible Part: in this option, the screen is only seen in partitions.

Ponytail: Finally, this is a wig to be used in hairstyles like a ponytail’s tail.

In general, many women use lace wig to go through transition processes or even to diversify the visual, because there is no need for any kind of chemical component and there is no risk of falls, which many ancient applications caused.

To avoid frustration when buying a lace wig, it is good to be aware of online shopping sites.There are some groups on facebook that also talk about it- including users making recommendations from sellers that are trustworthy.In Brazil, technique and use are still little known, but people are already joining this trend.

Now tell us, have you ever used lace wig or were you curious to test it?