How to wear a wig correctly?

What should I do if the hair is missing due to genetic reasons or other diseases, which affects the appearance? Hair is not long enough? What if you want to have beautiful long hair? Wearing a wig is a very good way. There is no need to spend a lot of time waiting for hair to grow, and you can stay away from annoying hair dyeing. Wig piece is a kind of headwear produced by real hair or wig wire through the hair piece production process. There are different colors, lengths and curvatures to choose from, and it is more convenient and beautiful to make hairstyles. However, how to wear a wig and how to wear a wig naturally?

Next, I will introduce the common ways of wearing wigs.

Wearing method

There are roughly two ways to wear wigs. Divided into clip and viscose, the two methods have their own purposes. Generally, if you have hair on your head, we recommend using a clip, so that you don’t need to shave your hair, and you can go out without wearing it next time. If you have no hair on the top of your head, you can only choose viscose, but viscose has the advantage that it can be used as a back head, the effect is very good and very strong!

-Prepare a suitable wig and a comb. You can choose wigs of the same color or wigs of the same color according to your own hair color.

-Comb your hair. Use a comb or fingers to divide the hair into two layers from behind the ears. The upper layer of hair can be fixed with a clip first.

-Then use a comb to comb the lower hair neatly, so that it is convenient to clip the wig.

-Hold the end of the wig with the clip, open the clip, and clip it to the lower layer of hair from the bottom up.

-After the card is closed, touch the wig piece with your own hair with your hand, so that the wig piece and your own hair are well blended together.

-If you still feel that there is less hair, you can divide it into several layers, and then use the same method to attach the wig.

-Put down the upper layer of hair, cover the wig piece, and comb it a little bit.

How to maintain a long time

-Choose a wig that matches the shape of your head

When choosing a wig, you must be cautious, try to choose those wig belts that you can hold, and adjust the wig’s head circle.

-Comb your hair and wear a wig

When wearing a wig, hair combing is also very important. You can turn your hair up high and turn it into a bun, and then put on a hairpin or a wig, which can increase the friction between the wig and the hair and make the wig not easy to slip off the head.

-The correct way to wear a wig is very important

The correct way to wear a wig is to slowly put it on from the front to the back. Don’t worry, first press the forehead against the wig and then slowly adjust the position to wear it, and finally adjust the corners and broken hair.

-Wigs do not need to be put away

If you don’t use the wig, you must put it away. If you accidentally break the wig, it will slip off the next time you put it on your head.

Wear wigs correctly according to the above method, and you can maintain a beautiful shape for as long as possible.