How to Wash a Synthetic Hair Wig or Topper

If you are approaching the world of synthetic wigs but do not know how to manage them, this article will really help you.

One of the most common causes of a wig’s poor longevity is poor maintenance.

So let’s see all the steps for a correct washing of the synthetic wig, be it heat-resistant or classic. These points can all be followed, or you can choose to use only the essential products: shampoo, conditioner, conditioner and / or detangler

  1. Take a basin or put the stopper on the sink and fill the container with water at room temperature

2. Put some shampoo in the basin. It won’t take much!

  1. Comb the synthetic wig with a wide-toothed comb, slowly untangling all the knots
  2. Immerse the wig in the self-cleaning solution, ie in the water with the shampoo and let it soak for 10 minutes without rubbing or combing
  3. Remove the wig from the water and rinse well
  4. Prepare another basin of water at room temperature with a little bit of conditioner
  1. Immerse the wig and allow another 10 minutes to soak
  2. Remove the wig from the water and pat dry with a towel, do not rinse off the conditioner
  3. Now you can apply the conditioner and let it dry naturally on an open head.
  4. When it is dry, you can comb the wig with a wide-toothed comb and decide whether to use Gisela Mayer’s wig polish or Jon Renau’s detangler.

💕One last piece of advice

Temperature-resistant wigs and toppers are particularly delicate because, while they respond well to heat, it is precisely this characteristic that makes them prone to knots and wear. For this type of fiber and for long synthetic hair it will be advisable to use Jon Renau’s detangler both in the morning and in the evening, before putting it back on the head.