How to take care of your wig

Many people will choose a few wigs at home to match clothes and styles anytime, anywhere, but do you really know how to maintain wigs? If the wig is not handled properly, it will not only stimulate the scalp when it is worn, but the visual effect will also be greatly reduced. Teach you a few tips on how to take care of your wig, so that when you wear your wig, it looks like a fake and always looks as beautiful as new:

Wig storage

When you go home to take off the wig, please do not fold it or throw it aside randomly, but comb it smoothly along the hair of the wig, and then put it on some suitable shelves, so that the wig will not become messy and rough.

Wig cleaning

Treat wigs like real hair and wash them frequently. When washing, don’t rub it like washing clothes, but use gentle movements as when washing your hair. Soak the wig in warm water first, and then gently rub it.

Wig combing

After cleaning the wigs, do not use ordinary plastic combs to comb the wigs, but buy a comb that specializes in combing wigs to comb the wigs. If you don’t have that kind of comb, you can use your fingers to comb it, so that you can solve the static electricity of the wig.

Water temperature when shampooing

We must use warm water when washing the wig. The temperature should not be too high or too low. If the water temperature is too high, the service life of the wig will be reduced. If it is too low, the wig will not be washed clean. A water temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius is sufficient.

Regarding the use of conditioner

Wigs also need conditioner, but the frequency should be reduced. When using conditioner, reduce the amount of conditioner. Melt the conditioner in water and soak the wig directly for a few minutes. Then take it out and wipe it dry with a towel and dry it.

Prohibition of hair dryer

When many people are anxious to use wigs, they will quickly wash the wigs and then blow them dry with a hair dryer. The consequence of this can only be to make your wig look like it is going to fly out of the sky, it is difficult to have a soft real hair feel, and the lifespan of the addition will be very short.