How to properly care for wigs?

As a product with both functionality and aesthetics, wigs are not only necessary for cosplay, but also exist in more people’s daily lives. When a wig is playing its role, every user is full of enthusiasm, and the look can be changed at any time with different shapes and different styles. However, when the wig is over for a day of work, the most annoying thing for everyone is that no matter what Where it is placed, no matter how the wig is placed, the result will be the same, messy, and mood will get worse. Therefore, in order to prevent the appearance of this discomforting phenomenon, here are some methods for caring for wigs for your reference.

What should I do if my wig is dirty?

-If the wig is used frequently, it should be washed once a week. If the wig is not used frequently, it should be washed according to the degree of soiling.

-Put the wig upright before washing, and use a comb with sparse teeth to smooth it. However, it is best to comb the areas with curls by hand to avoid using a comb to destroy the original shape of the wig.

-Turn the wig from the inside out to expose the wig cover for easy cleaning.

-It is best to clean the wig with warm water (about 20 degrees is better, not more than 25 degrees), avoid close to high temperature, overheated water temperature will easily damage the original shape and curvature of the wig, and will also reduce the service life of the wig.

-Never use a washing machine to wash wigs.

-Avoid rubbing with your hands during the cleaning process. It is best to rinse slowly in one direction, and the water flow should be slow. If you feel that the wig is too dirty, you can choose a suitable shampoo to wash in one direction from the root to the end.

-Do not spray styling agents such as gel water or wax on the wig, as this will make the wig sticky and inconvenient to comb.

-Use a dry towel to gently press the wig to dry, and place it indoors to let the wig dry naturally. Try not to use the high-temperature blower of a hair dryer to avoid hair loss and avoid sun exposure to the wig.

-After drying, use an anti-static wooden comb to comb gently. Do not comb the synthetic fiber wig when it is still wet. This will reduce the curl of the wig, and another synthetic fiber wigs combined with human hair can be combed under semi-wet conditions.

What should I do if the wig gets knotted after washing?

-When combing longer wigs, divide the wig into several sections, combing from bottom to top, be sure to comb gently, gently and slowly, and be patient.

-If the wig is knotted and difficult to comb, do not pull it hard. You should spray the wig with a non-oily care solution (or conditioner), and then slowly comb it in sections carefully.

Although wigs are good, don’t abandon them at will! According to the above tips, take care of them carefully, extend the time they spend with you, and take wigs seriously.