How to measure the circumference of the head?

Wigs often come in different sizes; when the size is one size it means medium, while if there are others the measures are usually divided as follows:

XS with a circumference of 48-51cm: mainly includes wigs for children and young adults.

S (small also called petite) with a circumference of 51-54cm: it is not so rare in Europe to find yourself in front of smaller circumferences, in this case you can use the small size wigs you find here

M with a circumference of 54-57cm: the majority of men and women fall within these measures, so the choice is huge

L with a circumference of over 57cm: if you fall into this category, on this site you will find wigs for you in large sizes. If your circumference is around 57 cm or a little more, you can also choose between the wigs of Estetica Designs and Belle Tress

How do you find the right size?

Just measure with a tape measure (or anything inelastic that then allows you to bring the length back to a meter) the circumference of the head from the forehead to the nape: the precise point of the forehead from which you will have to start the measurement is the hairline. of the hair, i.e. 4 fingers above the frontal bone, which is the one above the eye.

So starting from there, go towards the back of the head passing behind the ear, arrive at the nape of the neck and come back up, arriving again at the starting point on the forehead after having measured the entire circumference of your head.

This is the standard method, the most used to measure the head, to which the big brands adapt.

There are other more in-depth measurements that can be done as well, but bear in mind that quality wigs settle down, use them, and end up conforming to your head.

Machine-made wigs tend to be slightly larger, while hand-made wigs wrap around the head and adapt more thanks to the elastic materials of the cap.

On the product pages you will find information on sizes; having to choose a size if you are between two, our advice is to choose the larger one: you may be able to tighten a wig, but widening it would be more complicated!