How to judge the quality of wigs?

There are many varieties of wigs. The same appearance does not mean the same quality. The price of wigs ranges from tens of hundreds to thousands of tens of thousands. In order to choose a wig of good quality and cost-effective, you need to pay attention to the following points:


Human hair is the best raw material for making wigs. In fact, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge the quality of wigs with the naked eye. Good man-made fibers are very similar to real hair, but the authenticity and durability are obviously not as good as real hair.

Bottom material: The bottom material with good air permeability is comfortable and suitable for daily wear. In addition, pay attention to the durability of the bottom material. Generally, you can feel the comfort by trying it on yourself.

The craftsmanship of the wig directly affects the quality of the wig and the effect after wearing it. The wig that is fully hand-woven and crocheted is the best wig. The wig with meticulous workmanship is durable, not easy to lose hair, and has a very high degree of simulation.

In addition, buying a wig depends not only on the quality of the product itself, but also on the effect and after-sales. No matter how good the product is, it also needs professional technology to build. Professional after-sales can ensure the convenience of later care and quality assurance. Choose a product that suits your needs and choose a regular store with a good reputation.

  1. Vision: From a visual observation, the first feeling of a good wig is authenticity and naturalness. Fine workmanship and high-quality hair materials are the first elements to distinguish the quality of a wig. Second, the appeal of the style is also important for personal preference.
  2. Feel: inferior wigs feel dry, heavy and old-fashioned. Mengweishi wigs have a uniform proportion of hair, light and rich, and smooth to the touch, which is a very natural feeling.
  3. Workmanship: It is normal for wigs to have hair loss, and inferior wigs are particularly easy to fall off and difficult to take care of. The needles are thick at the scalp, the hairline is crowded, and the scalp is easy to fall off. The inner mesh cap is rough by hand and is not easy to dissipate heat.
  4. Safety: Look at the manufacturer. In order to maximize the profit, the wigs produced by small wig manufacturing factories are often mixed with inferior hair or made of inferior hair, but inferior hair is not flame retardant and has chemical toxins.