How to dye a wig by yourself?

There are many friends who want to dye their wigs at home. The idea is very good, but dyeing wigs is more difficult than dyeing our own natural hair. There are many points to pay attention to. If you are not careful, the wig may be damaged! So let’s talk about what to pay attention to when dyeing wigs today!

The first is before dyeing.
Before dyeing, apply conditioner to the flesh-colored area of ​​the wig, that is, the simulated scalp part, on both sides of the scalp and the inner mesh. Because the bottom net of the simulated scalp area is crocheted with silk fabric, it is easy to stick to the dye and color, and the scalp area of ​​the wig will be very ugly after coloring.

Therefore, the conditioner plays a role of isolation here, which can separate the artificial scalp from the dyeing cream, and minimize the probability that the dyeing cream will stain the artificial scalp of the wig.

As for other areas of the black breathable mesh, you don’t need to apply conditioner, because black is not easy to be dyed, and even if it is dyed, it will not be exposed, so it will not have any effect if you do not take protective measures.

The second is when dyeing the wigs.
Be careful not to apply the dye directly from the roots of the hair, leaving at least 0.5 cm of hair at the roots. This 0.5 cm hair cannot be brushed with dye cream, so as to ensure that the dye cream does not come into direct contact with the scalp of the wig, and also to prevent the scalp of the wig from being soiled.

The coloring speed of wigs is faster than the coloring speed of our own hair. There may be situations where the hair that has been brushed with dye cream has already begun to be colored, and the hair behind has not been painted with dye cream. At this time, you can take a small watering can, pour some cold water, and spray the hair that has been colored before, which can cool down the wig, slow down the speed of coloring, and make the final dyed color more uniform.

Finally, after the wig has a good color
Get it under the faucet as soon as possible and rinse it directly. Don’t wash it with water in a basin. You must rinse it. Rinse all the dye cream on your hair and you’re done.

To dye a wig well, it takes a lot of experience to accumulate. The above-mentioned things can only ensure that the wig will not be damaged. If you want to dye a good color, you need more professional knowledge of hair dyeing.