How to distinguish between human wigs and artificial wigs

As more and more people lose their hair, more and more people wear wigs, and human acceptance of wigs is becoming higher and higher. Wigs on the market can be divided into two types according to the production raw materials: one is human hair and the other is synthetic material.
Actually, Human hair weave has always been a high-end product in the wig industry, it is expensive but of good quality, but you know how to distinguish between human wigs and artificial wigs?

  1. Smell

Select several wigs in different positions, and then burn them with a lighter. If it is human hair, it will have a smell similar to eggshell burning, and the ash is powdery. The smell of artificial wigs is pungent, and the ashes are lumped.

  1. Porosity

Porosity, in short, refers to the absorption capacity and penetration capacity of hair. Impermeable hair looks shiny under the light, and combs more smoothly, not easy to knot and be damaged. For permeable hair, the hair scales are open, so the light will penetrate into it and cannot reflect the light, so the hair looks lack of luster. It’s usually over dyed and permed hair.

  1. Toughness

Select a few hairs, twist the ends of the hair tightly and lengthen it gently. High quality hair has good toughness and is not easy to break, while damaged and inelastic hair can’t stand pulling and is easy to break.

Because the wig of human hair can be dyed with color, while the artificial wigs hair can not be dyed with color and can not be hot rolled, so pay attention to distinguish when selecting wigs to choose the wigs you want.