How to distinguish between human hair wigs and chemical fiber wigs?

Hair turns white? Thinning hair? Serious hair loss? Like cosplay? Become a beauty blogger? No matter what the situation is, there is still a lot of demand for wigs.

However, the quality of wigs on the market is uneven. When choosing a wig, you must choose a good material, because the effect of wearing a wig with different materials is also greatly different.

According to different hair quality, wigs can be divided into human hair wigs and chemical fiber wigs

Most people only know that human hair wigs are more realistic, but what is the difference between the two?

  1. Service life
    Human hair wigs use our naturally grown hair, so the quality and flexibility are very good, so the service life generally ranges from 1-3 years; while chemical fiber wigs are made of artificial chemical fibers, and the hair ends after a long time of use It will roll, it is difficult to take care of, and the service life is only a few months at most.
  2. Different weight
    Chemical fiber wigs are made of artificial synthetic filaments, so they are thicker; while human hair itself is lighter than chemical fiber hair, so human hair wigs are also much lighter than chemical fiber wigs.
  3. Different fidelity
    After the real hair wig is worn, it is like the hair that we grow naturally. The appearance is very realistic and natural, and there is almost no trace of the wig. Synthetic fiber wigs are man-made synthetic fibers, and there is a certain gap between them and our natural hair. Especially in the sun, it will be brighter than real hair.
  4. Different comfort
    Human hair wigs are more breathable and fit more comfortably with the scalp after wearing them.
  5. Different of price Because human hair wigs are made of real human hair, the cost of collection and materials plus the cost of hand-crocheting is very high; chemical fiber wigs are machine-woven from artificial fiber, so the cost is lower and the price is relatively low. It’s also cheap.