How to choose the right wig?

Any woman or man who wears a wig wants to feel comfortable and accomplished, that’s why choosing the right wig is very important.

How to choose the suitable wig? Here are some simple considerations.

• light
• breathable
• hypoallergenic

First you must inform yourself about the types of wigs on the market, there are various types based on the composition:

• Natural wigs
• Synthetic fiber wigs

Natural wigs are made up of human hair, they can have a wide range of colors, and the hair can also be styled in different ways (straight, curly, wavy). One of the main features of these wigs is their lightness, once worn, they do not cause weight problems on the head. They are also renowned for the high quality of workmanship and materials. Natural wigs last a long time if treated correctly, but require styling after washing.

Synthetic fiber wigs, in recent years thanks to technological advancement, have come to assume the characteristics of lightness of natural hair. The wig of this type is ready to wear, as it retains the original shape and style of the hairstyle even after washing. The fiber wig is easy to care for and lasts about as long as the natural hair one.

Another important element to evaluate is the processing of the wig cap, that is the part that goes in direct contact with the skin and on which the hair (whether natural or synthetic) is fixed.

The most common type of processing is monofilament. It is a very light structure that allows for great breathability and transparency, as, once worn, it will visibly give the idea of ​​your scalp. Monofilament is the preferred process to have a natural effect and maintain good skin oxygenation.

It is important that the wig is hypoallergenic, to avoid annoying reactions from the skin in contact with the cap and hair.
The wig must be accompanied by the declaration of conformity relating to compliance with the EEC directive.

All wigs are adjustable, as they have elastic or velcro strips on the inside that allow them to be adapted to the size of the head. There are also wigs made to measure to meet all needs in order to be able to wear them until the complete regrowth of your hair.

An accurate analysis to identify the most suitable model for the shape of the client’s face is carried out by the specialized staff of the trichological center who can put their expertise and experience at the service of the subject. The parameters that are usually followed by experts are the following:

• analysis of the person (type of face, style, behavior and clothing)
• listening to the customer’s needs

For those wishing to buy the wig online and therefore not make use of the opinion of an expert, you can follow some simple advice. These are advice and not rules because each face has its own particularity and could also adapt to very different models.

Face types:

• long and thin face: a short and cheeky cut is recommended that highlights the face.
• round face: a voluminous cut at the top and more contained at the sides fits well.
• heart-shaped face: a perfect cut is the medium-long one with a slightly hinted fringe.
• square face: a long cut and possibly a wavy or curly hairstyle are suggested to soften the facial features.

As already mentioned, the wig requires some care in order to be able to maintain it and make it last longer. If worn often, it will require to be washed more frequently (about once a week) and at least once or twice a season it will have to be polished to keep the hair always beautiful and shiny.

It is important to use special products for washing the wig.

There are several factors that affect the lifespan of a wig, such as:

• the type of hair it is made of (natural or fiber)
• the frequency with which it is worn (daily or periodically)
• the care and maintenance carried out (use of suitable substances)