How to choose a wig that suits you?

Wigs are not only convenient to change hairstyles at any time, but also good news for people with less hair and hair loss. However, the quality of wigs on the market is uneven, how to choose the wig that suits you?

The first is the wig material, which mainly includes chemical fiber silk and real human hair. The second is that the wig should be in line with personal temperament, and its color and style are exquisite; and different groups of people are suitable for wigs.

First, which material is good for the wig

Human hair: It is made from processed human hair. It has high fidelity, feels the same as real hair, and is not easy to knot. It can be baked, dyed, and permed, making it easy to change hairstyles. But real hair is more expensive and requires careful maintenance.

Chemical fiber silk: It is made of chemical fiber and can be divided into low temperature silk, high temperature silk, and protein silk. Among them, low-temperature silk is mainly used for styling and making fake bangs; high-temperature silk is mainly used to make hairstyles with curly hair; protein silk feels close to real hair and has higher fidelity. It is easy to knot, and cannot be baked, dyed, or ironed. The price is lower and the service life is shorter.

Purchasing skills: Full-human hair wigs can be integrated with your own hair, with high fidelity, but the price is more expensive, more than 1,000 yuan, suitable for people with good family conditions; if you want to pursue authenticity, you also want price Affordable wigs woven with human hair and chemical fiber silk; if you just want to change your hairstyle or cosplay occasionally, you can directly choose a wig made of chemical fiber, which is affordable and has many hairstyle styles.

Second, choose wig color according to skin color

The color of the wig should be the color that suits you, or the same color as your original hair color, so as to be natural and realistic.

White skin tone: If you choose the wrong hair color, it is easy to look pale and unhealthy. Choose wigs with reddish and soft colors such as light brown red and light brown to make your face look more rosy and shiny.

Yellowish skin tone: You can choose darker colors such as natural black and light brown, which can make the yellowish skin appear much whiter. It is not recommended to choose yellow wigs, which will show yellowish skin.

Natural complexion: This complexion looks healthy and shiny, and there is a lot of room for hair color choices, such as yellow, red, wine red, dark purple, dark coffee and other colors of wigs are suitable.

Dark skin tone: Severe skin pigmentation will make the complexion look dull and dull. For the hair color, choose some natural black, brownish yellow and other wigs to set off the complexion, which will brighten the complexion.

Third, choose wig hairstyle according to face shape

Choose a wig that suits your face shape, and you can also achieve a smaller face.

Long face: You can choose a medium-length curly wavy wig with bangs, which can visually shorten the face, and curly hair can add elegance.

Round face: You can choose a shoulder-length BOBO wig with more hair on the top of the head, which visually reduces the width of the round face and makes the face thinner.

Square face: You can choose fluffy and slightly curly short hair with a chin, and a wig with oblique bangs, which can modify the water chestnut of the face and make the face softer.

Oval face: The oval face has no facial flaws and can be suitable for a variety of different hairstyles. When choosing a wig, you only need to match your own temperament.

Fourth, how to choose different groups of people

Ladies: Fashionable ladies can choose to have a pick piece, which is used to increase the style of the hairstyle;

You can also choose bangs wigs to create different hairstyles; wigs can change hairstyles, suitable for women who want to change their hairstyles frequently but have poor hair quality.

Men: For men with less hair volume, the top wig can be used to increase hair volume; for men who are troubled by hair loss, they can choose a wig that suits their temperament, which is convenient and youthful.

Middle-aged and elderly people: Most of the middle-aged and elderly people have gray hair. It is recommended to choose short-style wigs and headgear, which are easy to take care of and look younger.