How to be Lolita

Lolita is a Japanese street fashion, mainly inspired by Rococo and Victorian clothes and styles. This fashion movement began in Japan in the 1980s and has developed and spread since then. Today, Lolita fashion can be seen everywhere in the world. You can learn what kind of clothes to choose to help you shape your Lolita shape and how to finish it gracefully and fashionable.

1.Pick clothes carefully. Lolita styles of clothes can be found all around you, though it may take a little work to find items befitting the style aesthetic. You can purchase brand items second hand online, though you can also find items locally if you are careful.

Mainstream stores are unlikely to have dresses or skirts that are full enough to fit a petticoat; while it is possible to find blouses that can work in these stores, it’s important that they cover your shoulders, have no cut-outs, and are not cropped nor low-cut.

If you wish, you may create and sew your own lolita clothing.

Check out second-hand stores for good deals on accessories and shoes. Check for lacy vintage tops, vests, and mary janes. Additionally, you can try to find jewelry or hair band to match your existing pieces. Check here for cheaper options.

2. Find matching pieces. Lolita outfits are called coordinates, or coords, because everything in each outfit is carefully matched to the rest of the outfit. It’s about looking elegant with a Victorian, Rococo, and/or Edwardian influence. Based on your preference, the look can be either cute or elegant or a mix of both.

3. Buy socks or stockings. These are necessary. Knee socks, knee socks, stockings and opaque tights are usually part of Lolita’s style. Transparent tights are sometimes considered too “sexy” for Lolita, and ankle socks are not always suitable for this style (although it is attractive to wear lace socks over tights).

4. Wear some cute shoes! Mary janes are perfect for this look. Lolita shoes usually feature a closed, rounded toe. Platform shoes, often called tea-parties, are the most popular kind of shoe.

5. Add hair accessories. This is to balance out the volume created below the waistline.Wigs are often used in the fashion but are certainly not required. Headbands and head bows or hair band are very popular, easy, and safe choices to decorate and add volume to a look. Other options are rectangular headdress, top hats, hair clips, bonnets, sunhats, or tricorn hats.

6. Try different Lolita styles. It can be sweet, wearing gothic clothing, or classic Lolita style. Unlike most other Lolita styles, this substyle more often utilizes an A-line skirt than a bell shaped skirt.

Finally, remember that anyone can be Lolita. Lolita fashion is a very popular subculture. Your appearance, race, age, weight and gender are irrelevant. Anyone who meets the dress code is welcome.

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