How to avoid knots and ruining the synthetic fiber of your wig?

Choosing a synthetic wig does not mean giving up the naturalness of the hair.

For example, some wigs are made of high quality Futura or Stylemix fiber and many are mixed, so also made up of real hair for greater yield.

Once you have made the choice on which wig to choose, it is normal to be assailed by maintenance doubts such as: how to style a synthetic wig?

Wig: why do knots form?
Certainly the formation of knots is one of the biggest problems of real hair but in particular of synthetic ones, especially if they are long because they come into contact with the clothes.

A bad habit then is to sleep with wigs, always for the same reason as the “rubbing”.
Then be careful of the wind, perhaps keeping your hair protected with a hood.

How to style a synthetic wig: tips

Unlike wigs made up of real hair, synthetic ones must not be treated with “normal” but specific products. First you need to get a polystyrene head on which to place the wig, fixing it with the elastic attached to the cap, in a safe and tidy way. This will then be useful for carrying out all maintenance operations.

Let’s move on to useful tips on how to style a synthetic hair wig:

Always use a detangler especially for long and / or curly wigs to prevent and remove knots. It should be sprayed directly on the wig before and after combing;

Gently comb the wig after each use and wash when the hair is still damp;

Leave it to dry in the open air and return it to the polystyrene head only once it is dry; our synthetic wigs are heat resistant but for greater yield and avoid knots better let them dry naturally;

Do not comb the synthetic wig when it is wet as this could damage the fiber;

Use a specific professional brush with boar bristles: the soft touch material is designed not to irritate the skin and quickly detangles the hair, without breaking it. The rounded shape then follows the shape of the head;

Start from the tips to the hairline to comb the synthetic hair wig and never pull in case of persistent knots (use the detangler again);

For curly hair, use your hands more;

Do not use hairspray and gel also because synthetic wigs keep the crease perfectly and these products could ruin the fiber;

Do not use hair clips, they can ruin the fiber, better then pliers or clothespins.