How much does a hair wig cost?

For many people, they also want to know the price of a wig when purchasing a wig for the first time. Here, we briefly introduce the average prices of offline stores in the European and American markets.

The cost of a wig varies according to the type chosen according to your needs. There are wigs for aesthetics and post-therapy wigs, specific for people who face a delicate period of life such as chemotherapy. The cost depends on the materials used in the creation of the wig. We can generally distinguish between two types of wigs divided by cost.

The synthetic fiber wig
Synthetic fiber wigs can be distinguished into classic and monofilament. The classic fiber wig is less resistant and comfortable and can cost from 99 to 290 euros, while the more elaborate ones, in fiber with monofilament processing vary from 290 to 550 euros. The latter increase the lightness and transpiration of the wig, greatly increasing the comfort for the person wearing it.

The real hair wig
Natural wigs, built with real hair, have a higher cost that can vary from 590 to 990 euros. These wigs offer great sensations to the wearer, however more wig maintenance is required. In fact, natural hair needs more time to be washed and is more difficult to style.

An excellent solution is the fiber wig with monofilament, because it increases the lightness and transpiration of the wig, while maintaining excellent comfort for the person wearing it. Obviously it depends on the person, the extremely personalized media wigs that have to offer good sensations in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Before making any decision, it is good to consult a specialist and try on the wig at specialized hair care centers. Technicians, hair stylists and expert trichologists are able to offer information and recommend the most suitable solution, putting the person at ease and ensuring timely assistance service over time through wig washing and maintenance.