How much do you know about human hair wigs?

Human hair products

a). According to different sources, human hair is divided into: Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Burmese hair, Mongolian hair, Vietnamese hair, Vietnamese hair, European hair, etc. Among them, the raw material human hair in India occupies the largest proportion and is the cheapest, while the Russian human hair is the closest to the hair quality requirements of the European and American markets, and the quality and price are relatively high.

Chinese hair: Chinese hair is the hair with the largest amount of raw materials for making wigs at present. China has a large population, and the hair quality is relatively hard and thick.

Indian hair: Indian hair is soft, not as straight as Chinese hair, with small wavy curls, hair is easy to break after chemical treatment, and its plasticity is not strong.

European hair: The color of European hair is relatively close to the local consumer market. It is currently the most expensive raw material. The hair of European hair is soft and not suitable for dyeing and post-processing. It is directly used for hair extensions.

b). Human hair is further divided into Remy human hair and non-Remy human hair. Among them, the straight hair refers to the braided hair cut from a person’s head (of course, it is only an analogy). The scales of the hair are oriented in the same direction, just like fish scales. The frothy hair scales are messy. .Because the raw material of human hair is more expensive, human hair wigs are the more expensive kind of wigs. Among them, Shunfa is especially expensive.

c). When judging the quality of a wig, we mainly look at the raw material, and the second is the amplitude. The so-called amplitude refers to the length of the hair. In short: if a hair curtain goes down from top to bottom, if the top is thick and the bottom is thin, then this range is poor. Therefore, different ranges are the different grades used when feeding materials, and the prices are also different. The other thing is to look at the smoothness and feel of the hair.

Human hair classification:

Human hair products can be divided into braided hair, smooth hair and foamed hair according to the processing technology and the source of raw materials.

Primary cutting, also known as original braided hair, original cut hair, virgin hair, and scale-preserving hair, is the primary hair cut from the head of a girl who has never been permed and dyed. It is the most expensive material in the hair material, retaining the hair itself. Hair scales, and the tail is not upside down.

Remy is straightened hair with roots and roots not reversed.

Non-remy hair, hair with roots that fall off when combing, the roots and tips are not in the same order, and need to be treated with acid before they can be used. The hair is generally soft and has a short lifespan.