How much do you know about hair extensions?

A person’s hairstyle can change a person’s appearance and change a person’s perception of themselves. But if the hair is cut, it is cut, even if you regret it, it is useless. So when a person’s hair is not going well, he will think of haircuts. What are the current popular methods and pros and cons of hair extensions?


Principle: The glue head is made of keratin, all of which are hot-melt glue, preheated to dissolve, and pasted on the hair with hair extensions.

Advantages: It is not easy to be found, and it does not feel very much when sleeping.

Disadvantages: The process of dismantling the hair is more painful, and professional glue must be used. And have to go to the barber shop to remove it! A lot of hair will fall out during this process, and the problem of hair loss will not end until the glue is removed from the head

How long it will last: about a week.

How to wash your hair: Raise your head and wash it along the way, because the connected hair is fake, very fragile, easy to break and easy to fall out, you can apply the skin care agent to straighten the hair and then wash it, the intensity of the shampoo must be light , vigorous pulling will cause a lot of hair to fall out. Instead of rubbing your hair into a ball, you can gently massage your hair in the direction of growth with your fingers. Try not to blow dry after washing, because the hair extensions are connected with high-strength glue, and the high temperature may melt the glue and cause the connected hair to fall off.


Principle: Divide the hair into layers, and then connect the braids to the braids.

Advantages: very stylish and very strong, if you don’t pull hard on purpose, it won’t fall off.

Disadvantages: After the hair is connected, the head will appear very large, because it is not connected by one root but by braid.
How long it will last: 3 to 6 months.


Principle: Divide the hair into small strands, use a special button to fix the long hair to be connected to the root of the real hair, and the hair on the top of the head will naturally fall down to cover the button.

Advantages: Good breathability and lighter; hair strands are very transparent, although many strands are connected, it will not feel very stuffy. It is easier to remove buttons and long hair when not needed later.

Disadvantages: It will be numb when sleeping, and it is very troublesome to take a shower. Because it is necessary to avoid catching the buckle, there is no way to wash it thoroughly.

How long it will last: 2-4 months.

Seamless hair extension

Principle: At the end of short hair, connect the hair by braiding.

Advantages: You can’t see the traces of the hair connected, it is very light and thin, and it is very compliant; it is very breathable, and it will not feel stuffy and pull the scalp after the connection; the damage to the hair is less.

Disadvantages: It is not easy to blow dry, and after a long time, there will be traces of hair extensions.

How long it will last: generally 3-4 months, if the hair grows very slowly, it can take 5 months.

How to wash your hair: Comb your hair from top to bottom, while avoiding the comb touching the hair extension. Try to avoid rubbing the hair extension with your fingers when shampooing. Don’t use the sauna for a long time, wash your hair for more than a minute and rinse it thoroughly from top to bottom to ensure that no conditioner is left in the hair.