How long can a wig last?

When you find yourself having to buy a wig for the first time, one of the main concerns, after choosing the type that best suits your face and style, is the duration.

However, the answer cannot be unambiguous since some important factors and the type of wig must be taken into account.

Which wig is it? Natural or fiber?
As we have seen many times, the natural wig is made up of human hair. The hair can be of different quality depending on the origin and processing, both, in fact, will affect the final effect, the shine and movement of the hair. The choice of hair is one of the main aspects to consider in order to have a quality wig, for this reason certain parameters must be respected such as not having undergone dyes, bleaching or perms, this is essential to guarantee intact cuticles.

Although the fiber wig is not natural, it is practically identical to our hair, so much so that you do not even notice the difference, in fact, even to the touch it is soft and with a texture very similar to human hair. The quality of the same lies in the choice of a quality fiber and in the processing of the inner shell which must respond to certain parameters such as: being hypoallergenic, breathable and comfortable.

⭕What factors can affect the duration?
There are several factors that affect the duration of the wig, the main ones are:

✅the type of use;
✅ordinary maintenance.

As for use, if you had to always wear the wig even during the night, wear would certainly be more important, rubbing would increase the damage to the wig materials. Furthermore, even daily gestures such as combing must be done carefully.

Another element that affects is poor maintenance, in fact, this must be washed carefully and at a close frequency, increasing the washing according to the frequency of use and the characteristics of the scalp, for example for those with more acidic or oily skin. It is also recommended to wash the wig every day.

Another factor that can affect the duration is the choice of washing and care products, there are specific shampoos, conditioners and conditioning products to be used in order not to damage the hair and keep it hydrated and beautiful for longer.

How long can a wig last?
Given that this is not eternal, and that the duration depends not only on the materials that compose it but also on the factors mentioned above, on average the fiber wig if used frequently can last from 1 to 2 years while the natural hair wig even up to at 3 years.

Finally, by following simple rules it is possible to extend the life of the wig by keeping it in good condition and sanitized.