How do I care for and repair my curly hair?

How did your hair become dry and unmanageable?

Curly or frizzy hair is often dry by nature. Fragile and difficult to style, curly hair requires special attention. Choosing the right hair products, having the right gestures and controlling your hair, follow our tips and tricks to take care of your curly or frizzy hair.

For curly or frizzy hair, styling your hair is a real ordeal. You dream of being able to tame your mane, but unfortunately you don’t know how to go about it so that you can have nice, disciplined curls. We tell you everything you need to know to make your curly hair look like a master.

Curly hair is often sensitive, fragile and dehydrates quickly. It is therefore essential that you maintain your hair regularly with the right care products if you don’t want to end up with a sauerkraut on your head.

I have curly or frizzy hair, what should I do?

Taking good care of your curly or frizzy hair starts with a good shampoo. We recommend shampoos with shea butter, argan oil, sweet almond oil or avocado oil, which are particularly suitable for moisturising curly or frizzy hair.

There are also special shampoos for curly or frizzy hair. If you really want to take care of your hair, you should use a conditioner for curly or frizzy hair. This will give your hair a lot more moisture. Needless to say, you should regularly apply nourishing masks to give your hair lasting moisture.

How can I do the curly hair styling?

For styling, there are of course products adapted to this type of hair to limit frizz or, on the contrary, to enhance your curls. Mousse, cream, spray, choose the product you need to enhance your hair while controlling it.

Once your hair is washed and nourished, lightly scrunch your hair with a styling mousse and let it air dry so that your hair regains its natural curl.

If you want to straighten your curly hair, don’t forget to use straightening products before blow-drying. This will make detangling much easier.

To successfully straighten your hair, arm yourself with patience and blow dry your hair strand by strand. Be careful not to stick the hairdryer to your hair as this can damage it.

Finally, once you have finished blow-drying your hair, you can apply a nourishing treatment to moisturise and give your hair light.

  • Use wide-toothed combs, not fine brushes or combs, to avoid breaking your hair.
  • Avoid repeated blow-drying and allow your curls to air dry from time to time.
  • Permanent straightening is a radical solution to straighten your hair permanently. However, be aware that this method will damage your hair.

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