Hime cut has become a 2021 hairstyle trend!

What is a hime cut hairstyle?

The hime cut hairstyle can also be called the Ji hair style. It refers to a hairstyle in which the hair on the side of the face is “one size fits all”. It originated from the security period in Japan. It was popular among upper-class women and Japanese royal princesses. It also often appears in Japanese comics. For example, the female emperor Boya Hancock in “One Piece” and Yan Moai in “Hell Girl” all have such hairstyles. The two-dimensional style also makes this princess’s hairstyle full of recognizable characteristics.

What are the characteristics of hime cut hairstyle?

The characteristic of the hime cut is that the shape of the hair on both sides of the ears is similar to the bangs, as if it is cut neatly, and it forms a sharp contrast with the hair behind. The tails of the hair hanging on both sides are cut to the position of the chin. The hime cut hairstyle The biggest advantage is that it modifies the face shape and has a sense of sight of a manga girl. The traditional hime cuts have bangs, hime cuts the temples with long straight hair, but with the evolution of the times, hime cuts can show even short hair and curly hair. .

Face shapes that are not suitable for hime cut hairstyles-square face, long face

The hime cut will expose the short, flat, wide and chin characteristics of the square face, and it is not suitable for people with long faces to try. It will make the long face features more exposed and prominent, and the proportions are not good-looking. In addition, the hair is frizzy and has too much hair. People are not suitable, which will make the sense of conformity unbalanced.

How long does the hime cut?

Short chin: Cut between the earlobe and the chin, about 2-3mm higher than the chin, which can visually lengthen the lower court from under the nose to the chin and help highlight other facial features.

Long chin: It is suitable for cutting near the cheekbones and earlobes, because this length will balance the proportion of the whole face and modify the cheekbones.

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