Heat resistant synthetic wigs – Q&A

Heat resistant synthetic wigs have specific characteristics, different from traditional synthetic wigs.

Whether you wear this type of wig for hair loss problems (due to alopecia, cancer treatments, etc.) or you wear them for pure pleasure, the story does not change. It is very important to understand how to wash, dry and maintain a heat resistant synthetic wig.

Why buy a heat resistant fiber topper or wig?


  • opaque,
  • soft and very similar to natural hair,
  • plateable,
  • very light fibers.


  • more nodes (they discharge electrostatic energy worse),
  • shorter duration than traditional synthetic fiber.

How to wash a heat resistant synthetic wig?

The answer is simple: it washes like a traditional synthetic wig with specific products for the synthetic fiber.

In this article you will find all the steps explained in a very thorough way.

Remember that the heat-resistant fiber should always be combed with a wide-toothed comb and possibly untangled with the help of Jon Renau’s detangler (we highly recommend it)

Dry synthetic wig how to do

Can i dry heat resistant hair with a hairdryer?

It is not recommended to use the hair dryer on a synthetic wig, even if it is heat resistant. The type of fibers used on these wigs and toppers retain the memory of the style, so every time you use the heat you will lose the previous style and give a new one.

This is not the only reason not to dry it with a hairdryer: every time you change the fold you go to shape the fiber in another way, pulling it and accelerating its wear.

You can use the hair dryer in some specific cases, for example if you want to cut a fringe on your wig and you want to give it a specific shape or direct it better.

Can I change my style whenever I want?

As stated above, it would be better not to. Every time you change the fold, you “exploit” the fiber and reduce its duration.

So the less I use the plate the better, right?

Yes and no. As with everything, moderation is the key. We recommend that you leave the wig factory style until the tips are damaged: from then on it will be better to put the health of the fiber first and use the straightener to straighten it and give it a nice fold, rather than waiting for it the fibers are so damaged that they form ugly knots. Synthetic wig tips and tutorials, synthetic wig how to wash it, wig experts answer

Can a synthetic wig be dyed?

No. Choosing the color is a fundamental step because you cannot dye any type of synthetic wig, not even heat resistant ones. Think of this type of fiber as that of a dress. Would you use hair dye on a shirt?