Fashion wig

Wigs are hair made with artificial technology and used as decorations. It can be used as a headwear for people with thinning or bald hair, or as a tool for some professionals. According to the material, it is divided into chemical fiber silk and real wool. The wig made of chemical fiber silk is made of chemical fiber, with low fidelity, it feels itchy after wearing it, and it is easy to react with the scalp. But the price is cheap and the styling effect is lasting. Real human hair wig is made of pure human hair, high fidelity, not easy to knot, can be baked, dyed and ironed, easy to change hair style, higher price, and not very effective. You can buy it according to your needs.

How to choose a pelo rizado con flequillo?

When choosing a wig, the most important reference standard is our face shape:

1. Long face: You can choose between curly hair and wavy hair to increase your elegant taste.

2. Round face shape: You should choose straight hair with high top hair and tight sides. The vertical lines of straight hair can visually weaken the width of the round face.

3. Square face: You can choose asymmetrical diagonal bangs, short straight hair from tail to cheek.

The benefits of wearing a wig

1. Wearing a wig can easily fix the effect of the appearance, changing the hair style is simple and saving time.

2. It can avoid the damage of perming, dyeing and pulling the hair to the hair quality.

3. It can save the hairdresser’s styling and bleaching and dyeing costs, and reduce the cost.

4. Wigs can be styled at will to prevent you from styling in the salon and damaging your hair.

5. You can try a variety of different hairstyles to match different fashions, making people wearing wigs more and more fashionable.