Fashion style

synthetic wigs are hair made by artificial technology, used for decoration. It can be worn as a headdress for people with bald or thin hair, or as a part of costumes, official or professional costumes or fashionable decorations.

  1. Wigs are classified by material

According to the material, it is divided into chemical fiber silk and human hair. The wig made of chemical fiber silk is made of chemical fiber, which has poor fidelity, and it feels itchy after wearing it, and it is easy to react with the scalp. However, the price is cheap and the styling effect is long-lasting; the wig made of real human hair is made of pure human hair that has been processed. It has high fidelity, is not easy to knot, can be baked, dyed, and ironed, and is convenient for changing hairstyles. The price is higher. The qualitative effect is not very good. Synthetic wigs are also synthetic wigs.

  1. Is the wig good for real or synthetic

There is no absolute which is good, only relative or unsuitable. Generally, people who use hair loss will choose wigs made of real human hair. This is more realistic, and of course the price will be higher. If it is used cospaly, it is fine to synthesize a wig with chemical filaments. Others will know that it is fake at first glance, and there is no need to hide it.

  1. fashionable

synthetic wigs are lightweight, best breathable, supernatural fidelity, easy to operate, fast to wear, instantly change the image, easily control a variety of styles, various places, quickly enhance the temperament and spirit, and increase confidence. The synthetic wig is integrated with the wearer, just like a natural one, and can be sculpted more cleverly than a hat. From cute pink tones to mysterious gray this is a beautiful color synthetic wig that will complete your fashion. You can create a more dreamy style by using two colors together.