Dyson Hair Dryer: Expensive Hair Protection Machine?

1| Protecting your hair doesn’t stop at shampoo and conditioner, the hair dryer is also important

Hair is a woman’s second face. Many women spend significant amounts of time every day taking care of their hair, including researching how to wash their hair to better condition their hair, using mild shampoos and conditioners, using a hair mask to wrap their hair, and even using ginger flakes for strange ways to protect hair. To reduce hair loss, maintain thick hair, and get better hairstyles, girls have done a lot of research on hair. Blow-drying is an important step in hair care, and blow-dryers are also valued by people. The Dyson hair dryer became famous – but it was very expensive. Is it worth spending four hundred dollars to buy such a high-end blow dryer? What are its advantages over other blow dryers? Using a Dyson hair dryer, besides caring for your hair, can you take good care of your goddess braids?

2| Is the Dyson hair dryer, which is highly respected on social media, worth buying?

Dyson hair dryer motors are lighter and smaller. In contrast to most hairdryers, the micromotor is located on the handle of the hair dryer, not at the end of the hair dryer head. The weight is more concentrated in the grip and it feels less heavy when the blow dryer is lifted overhead to blow dry. Air enters through the filter on the underside of the blow dryer handle and then exits through a thin opening around the round head of the blow dryer.

It’s easier to hold on to. The placement of the motor makes drying more comfortable. After holding the blow dryer overhead for a few minutes, your shoulders won’t burn like other blow dryers because the heaviest part of the blow dryer is in people’s hands, not the top heavy nozzle.

Your hair will not be caught by the blow dryer. With Dyson moving the ventilation to the bottom of the handle, people don’t have to worry about hair getting caught in the rear ventilation. This eliminates the smell of burnt hair or tangled strands that have been cut off by the dryer motor.

It is equipped with innovative accessories. The set contains two concentrators and a diffuser, both of which are magnetically attached to the head of the hair dryer so that you never have to awkwardly clamp the accessories. Equipped with accessories, it is easier to blow curly hair or straighten hair. The hairdryer is also equipped with non-slip mats and storage compartments.

The advertised function of hair protection. The temperature sensor on the hair dryer can measure the air outlet temperature every second, so that it constantly adjusts the air temperature to protect your hair from heat damage.

Dyson’s air multiplier technology amplifies the airflow three times, making it dry faster than other blow dryers.

In relation to its price, its function is not magical in that you can safely pay € 300 more, although it is obviously much better than other hairdryers. When it comes to soft and fine hair, the protection of the Dyson blow dryer becomes more apparent. If the hair is thick, the Dyson blow dryer can only dry the hair faster.

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