Do you like Kurumi Tokisaki?

Kurumi Tokisaki is one of the heroines in the Japanese light novel “DATE A LIVE”. “DATE A LIVE” is a novel created by light novelist Tachibana Koushi and is very famous.

The story revolves around the hero, Itsuka Shido. Itsuka Shido originally thought that today will be an ordinary day as usual, but found that the surrounding environment has changed drastically, and the original streets have disappeared. In this unfamiliar environment, Itsuka Shido encountered many elves with different personalities.

The reappearance of one of the spirits will bring a devastating future to the earth! However, the protagonist Itsuka Shido has a way to prevent the destruction of the world, and the only way to prevent the destruction of the world is to date this elf!

Kurumi Tokisaki is one of the very special elves among the many elves. Kurumi Tokisaki is called “the most evil spirit”, Kurumi Tokisaki has been wandering in the cycle of killing and being killed. Kurumi Tokisaki generally treats humans as food, and more than 10,000 people are killed by her. And Kurumi Tokisaki can drag humans into his own shadow and swallow them up without leaving a trace.

Kurumi Tokisaki is the third spirit that the hero Itsuka Shido has met. She is a transfer student who suddenly transferred to this high school and claims to like Itsuka Shido, and has been very close to him since she transferred to the school, with the purpose of “becoming one” with him.

Kurumi Tokisaki has an iconic long black hair that falls over her shoulders. Kurumi Tokisaki is very beautiful, with big eyes, delicate small mouth, and her body is very slender, she looks like a very weak girl, people can’t think of her as a bloodthirsty demon. And Kurumi Tokisaki speaks very calmly and quietly, looking like a very educated noble lady.

Kurumi Tokisaki is loved by many anime fans, and many people will buy Kurumi Tokisaki cosplay costumes and wig to dress up as her.

Do you like Kurumi Tokisaki, this beautiful girl?